California's Employer Records of Occupational Injury and Illness

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14300.29 - Forms

An equivalent form has the same information as the OSHA form it replaces and is:

  • as readable and understandable to a person not familiar with it and
  • completed using the same instructions.

Forms can be kept on a computer or at other locations as long as they can be produced within specified time frames.

Keep a separate confidential list of the case numbers and employee names for "privacy concern cases" so they can be:

  • updated when appropriate, and 
  • provided when required

"Privacy Concern Cases"

The following are a complete list of "privacy concern cases": 

  • injuries or illnesses to intimate body parts or the reproductive system

  • mental illnesses

  • HIV infection, hepatitis or tuberculosis

  • injuries or illness resulting from sexual assault

  • needlstick injures and cuts from sharp objects contaminated with another person's blood or other potentially infectious material

  • other illnesses where the employee independently and voluntarily request their name not to be entered on the log

Use discretion in describing the injury or illness on Cal/OSHA forms 300 & 301 if :

  • the employee's name was removed from the forms, and 

  • a reasonable basis exists to believe that the individual could still be identified.

Remove or hide employee names when Cal/OSHA forms 300 or 301 are voluntarily disclosed to persons other than:

  • government representatives

  • employees 

  • former employees 

  • authorized representatives 

Voluntarily disclose Cal/OSHA forms 300 or 301 with personally identifying information only to :

  • auditors or consultants hired by the employer to evaluate the
    safety and health program. 

  • the extent necessary for processing workers' compensation or 
    other insurance claims.

  • public health authorities or law enforcement agencies.

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