How to Make a Report of Misconduct and Notice of Nondiscrimination

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Nondiscrimination Notice
Report Misconduct

Nondiscrimination Notice

The Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) and all of its divisions, programs, boards and commissions are committed to the principle of treating all persons with respect and dignity.

Discrimination is illegal.

Across all of its locations, DIR prohibits discrimination and bias. DIR administers its policies, programs, administrative adjudication systems and enforcement activities without bias or discrimination toward any person based on their:

age national origin color
sex gender ancestry
genetic information race immigration status
marital status medical condition mental disability
physical disability sexual orientation religion
veteran/military status ethnic group identification gender expression or identity

Report Misconduct

DIR encourages any person who believes they have experienced or witnessed discrimination or bias based on one or more of the protected categories listed above in a proceeding administered by the Department to report the incident promptly to our Diversity & Inclusion Office by email at

Please provide specific dates, facts and other circumstances when reporting the misconduct.

DIR will resolve all administrative adjudication and enforcement matters without discrimination, bias or improper influence of any kind, consistent with the facts and based on the law. The Department is committed to ensuring that no person is subject to retaliation for having submitted a complaint of discrimination or bias.

No person should make an untrue report of discrimination or bias in an attempt to gain advantage in an adjudicated proceeding. Further, in a workers’ compensation case, when the medical condition, age, disability, gender or other characteristic of a party is relevant to a medical evaluation and the adjudication of a medical legal issue based on substantial evidence as to that individual’s own medical history, it does not constitute discrimination under applicable law for that information to be taken into account as appropriate. DIR, its divisions, boards and employees are committed to following the applicable legal standards in all matters.

September 2021