Reaching Every Californian Campaign

Protecting workers is more than a statutory obligation for the Labor Commissioner’s Office (LCO). Our mission includes protecting the most vulnerable workers from labor law violations and helping law-abiding employers with unfair competition. If workers don’t know their labor rights, they cannot exercise them. The Reaching Every Californian public awareness campaign focuses on underserved worker populations where labor law violations occur more frequently.

This comprehensive, action-driven outreach program highlights the critical role workers and employers have in exposing exploitative working conditions that undercut law-abiding employers. This program provides tools to workers and employers so they can identify and report labor law violations and employers who intentionally skirt the law.

The Reaching Every Californian campaign builds pathways to communities that do not have an existing connection to the LCO within their family network or community resources. This campaign brings the LCO to the community through clinics, workshops, partnerships and multimedia messages.

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Business Engagement Program (BEP)

Business  Engagement Program

When a worker is denied workplace protections, it creates unfair competition for responsible employers. The Business Engagement Program (BEP) promotes fair and legal business practices and helps stakeholders in the fight to eliminate unfair competition. Employers are critical partners in identifying cases where law-abiding companies are systematically denied a level playing field.

The Labor Commissioner’s Office is a resource for employers committed to complying with the law, in particular small employers who are a critical part of California’s economy.

This program assists employers in understanding workplace protections and obligations. BEP began in 2020 and has quickly become a key resource for employers trying to better understand California labor laws. Our office reaches the business community by partnering with employers and associations to provide free workshops and presentations tailored to meet their needs.

Please contact us at MakeItFair@dir.ca.gov if you have questions or you are interested in receiving a training on workplace laws.

Workplace Rights Ambassador Program (WRAP)

Workplace  Rights Ambassador Program

All Californians have workplace rights to protect their pay and improve working conditions. The Labor Commissioner’s Office is committed to making workplace protections known to everyone, including workers who may have obstacles in obtaining information due to traumatic life experiences. Those traumatic experiences impact workers who have experienced sexual assault, harassment or domestic violence, young workers who have come through the foster system and workers who may have difficulty accessing services due to language barriers, lack of trust or other negative experiences with government.

The Workplace Rights Ambassador Project (WRAP) is an initiative that seeks to build bridges between the Labor Commissioner’s Office and workers who have experienced trauma. This trauma-informed approach recognizes many workers have barriers to accessing rights and protections.

WRAP prioritizes relationships with community organizations that are trusted resources for workers who have experienced trauma that deter them from exercising their rights at work. By investing in trusted community leaders who are providing other support services, the Labor Commissioner’s Office can reach workers who may not have otherwise learned about their rights.   

Please contact us at WRAP@dir.ca.gov with your questions or if you are interested in receiving a training on workplace rights.

Youth Advocate Program

Youth Advocate Program

Through our Youth Advocate Program (YAP), the Labor Commissioner’s Office is investing in reaching young workers. In many families among the working poor, high-school-age children often serve as interpreters for monolingual parents and provide support when parents experience wage theft and retaliation. This program focuses on reaching young workers and providing them with tools to advocate for themselves and their relatives at work.

Wage theft happens to all types of workers, especially those who are unaware of their rights. As students and young adults seek employment for the first time, they are more susceptible to wage theft by employers who don’t follow the law. In collaboration with our education partners, the Youth Advocate Program at the Labor Commissioner’s Office will help prepare California’s future workers.

Please contact us at YAP@dir.ca.gov with your questions or if you are interested in participating in YAP.