Communications Program

Cal/OSHA's Communications Program includes the Professional Development and Training Unit, Outreach Coordination Program, and Publications Unit. Each has unique responsibilities, but all have a central theme of providing education and information to increase employer and employee awareness of, commitment to, and involvement in safety and health.

Professional Development and Training Unit (PDTU)

The Professional Development and Training Unit (PDTU) organizes, coordinates, and provides ongoing, essential training for Cal/OSHA staff to ensure that the Division can deliver the best services possible.

The content of the training provided by PDTU includes technical topics in occupational safety and health, inspection techniques, legal aspects of inspections and appeals, new regulations, and internal policies and procedures.

The unit maintains training records of Cal/OSHA staff to ensure compliance with requirements in the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act, federal directives, the California Occupational Safety and Health Act, California regulations, and the State Administrative Manual. PDTU also ensures that training of staff matches the needs of our state's industries, work operations, and diverse workforce.

Outreach Coordination Program

The Outreach Coordination Program comprises bilingual team members who provide occupational health and safety information and guidance to high-risk, vulnerable employee populations throughout the state. Through communication and education, program staff promote workplace safety and health and increase workers’ awareness of workplace hazards.

Program staff present to small and large audiences, including those from unions, other worker-based organizations, university programs, professional organizations, and consulates for Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Worker organizations that would like to receive outreach and education through our program should complete the Department of Industrial Relations Outreach Request Form.

Publications Unit

The Publications Unit is responsible for developing written occupational safety and health publications for employers, employees, and other members of the public. The goal of the unit is to provide straightforward and accessible educational and training materials that clarify complicated and technical health and safety regulations. Written publications include technical manuals, handbooks, fact sheets, brochures, web postings, and eTools.

For access to our safety and health publications, including educational materials and resources, visit the Cal/OSHA publications page.


To learn more about PDTU or the Publications Unit, contact:

Brandon Hart,
Program Manager for Communications and Strategic Planning
DOSH Communications Office
2 MacArthur Place, Suite 730
Santa Ana, CA 92707
(714) 558-4232

For questions about the Outreach Coordination Program, contact:

Juan Calderon,
District Manager
DOSH Outreach Coordination Program
1515 Clay Street, Ste. 1103
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 622-2909

February 2019