Other Cal/OSHA Units

CALICO Laboratory

The Calibration and Inventory Control (CALICO) Laboratory fulfills the technical needs of Cal/OSHA field staff by providing the following:

  • Equipment for sampling and monitoring hazardous conditions in workplaces
  • Calibration of equipment to ensure that sampling and monitoring are accurate
  • Personal protective equipment for Cal/OSHA staff
  • Technical, advisory support and training
  • Analytical services procured from outside laboratories
  • Specialized services procured from outside consultants and scientists

Staff of CALICO Lab administer a program that is as effective as the counterpart programs in federal OSHA.

Medical Unit

The Medical Unit (MU), with offices in Oakland, Long Beach, and Van Nuys, provides expert medical consultation to Cal/OSHA Compliance, Consultation, and Research and Standards units throughout the state. The physicians and nurses staffing the MU participate in field inspections, evaluation of health complaints, review of medical surveillance programs and medical records, and evaluation of the severity of exposures to physical, chemical, and biologic hazards, as well as providing expert witness testimony. The MU staff can provide service directly to the public in the form of one-to-one telephone consultations and group presentations addressing general occupational health and safety concepts, interpretation and application of regulations, and assessment of complex occupational exposures and problems.

The Medical Unit provides clinical rotations for Medical Residents in Occupational Medicine and nurses at the Baccalaureate and Masters levels in Advanced Nursing Practice and Occupational Health Nursing. These students come from Loma Linda, UCLA, UCI, and UCSF.

Medical Unit staff may be reached in the Oakland and other Northern California areas at (510) 286‑7000, in Long Beach at (562) 506‑0810, and in Van Nuys at (818) 901‑5751.

Program Office

The Program Office is responsible for helping DIR and Cal/OSHA leadership conduct ongoing statistical research and evaluation of Cal/OSHA performance with respect to federal OSHA and California mandates. Information and reports prepared by Program Office staff are used to monitor the results of staff activities, measure aggregate effectiveness, prepare budgets, evaluate needs for additional resources, respond to annual federal auditing reports, prepare annual and five-year performance plans, and assist in preparing federal grant applications. Program Office staff also help respond to requests and inquiries from the Governor's Office, legislators, the media, stakeholder groups, and members of the public.

Special Projects Unit

Staff of the Special Projects Unit conduct studies to help DIR and Cal/OSHA leadership make policy decisions and respond to inquiries from federal OSHA regarding the administration of Cal/OSHA programs. They also help develop and maintain Cal/OSHA's internal policy and procedure manual for enforcement.

February 2022