Start an Apprenticeship Program

Recruiting and retaining skilled employees can be challenging. Apprenticeship reduces the need for expensive recruitment programs by creating a flow of candidates who are already screened and trained. The cost of wages for apprentices is less than that for regular employees. Additionally, apprentices who complete a program often feel a commitment to their work and loyalty to their employer.

To Start a Program

1. Contact the Division of Apprenticeship Standards

DAS can guide you in setting up a program, including understanding how apprenticeship works and learning what the state standards for education and employment are. Contact DAS

2.  Determine the Essential Job Skills

  • What occupation(s) does your business need?
  • What specific “skill sets” or certifications do you want your apprentices to obtain?
  • How many hours of supervised on-the-job training are necessary for someone to acquire proficiency or mastery of those skills?
  • Does your business have a training program?

3. Identify Educational Partners and the Desired Classroom Component of Training

With the help of educational providers in your area, design and approve the necessary curriculum and provide the requisite classroom instruction (usually at no cost to the program or individual apprentices).

4.  Establish Apprenticeship Program Standards

Determine criteria for selecting apprentices, wages to be paid to apprentices at various skill levels, procedures for advancing apprentices to the next level, and graduation requirements.

5. Submit Your Program to DAS for Approval

6. After your program is approved select and register your apprentices and start your program!

Information on funding sources

February 2017