Office of Self-Insurance Plans (OSIP)

SIG Self-Insurance by the Numbers - 2020

$6 Billion total self-insured payroll
317,800 CA Workers covered by self-insurance
23 CA Groups are active self-insurers
1.897 CA Group members are active self-insurers
$178 Million Estimated Claims Reserves (EFL)
$101 Million Medical and Indemnity payments
4,796 Open Workers’ Compensation cases

Self-Insurance Groups

The Office of Self-Insurance Plans (OSIP) authorizes qualified employers to provide their own coverage for workers' compensation liabilities. Small and medium-sized businesses have the option of joining with others in the same industry to self-insure their workers' compensation liability as a group. All Self-Insurance Groups (SIGs) must be approved by OSIP and are required to post a security deposit covering their actuarial determined liabilities. California has one of the largest self-insurance programs in the nation and has some of the strongest regulations designed to ensure the system protects both employers and employees.

GROUP FORMS - Below are forms for use that are specific to groups.

  • Form S-1 (1-2016)
    Group master application for certificate of consent to self-insure
  • Form S-2A (1-2016)
    Group affiliate member interim application
  • Form S-2B (1-2016)
    Application for affiliate certificate of consent to self-insure as a member of a group self-insurer
  • Form S-3 (1-2016)
    Corporate resolution
  • Form S-4 (1-2016)
    Indemnity agreement and power of attorney
  • Form S-5 (1-2015)
    Agreement of assumption and guarantee of workers’ compensation liabilities for group and affiliate members
  • Form S-6 (1-2016)
    Agreement and undertaking for security deposit


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