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Crane Certifier Accreditation Unit

The Crane Certifier Accreditation Unit in the Cal/OSHA program is responsible under Labor Code section 7375 for accrediting certificating agencies or agents to conduct certification inspections of cranes in California.

The Crane Certifier Accreditation Unit provides support to Cal/OSHA Enforcement Unit district offices and enforcement personnel in areas related to crane safety.

The Crane Certifier Accreditation Unit also conducts research into the cause of crane accidents in California. The unit analyzed three years of data on crane accidents and produced a report - crane accidents: 1997 - 1999.

Crane certifier accreditation database: You can now access the list through this site. You can either look to see if a particular certifier is a crane certifier or you can find a certifier in a geographical area. You can still order the hard copy by contacting the Crane Certifier Accreditation Unit.

The Crane Certifier Accreditation Unit is located at 2000 East McFadden Avenue, Suite 203, Santa Ana, CA 92705; telephone (714) 567-7142.

Contact the crane unit if you need information about crane safety in California.

Tower cranes

It is the policy of the Division of Occupational Safety and Health to ensure that the erection, climbing, dismantling and operation of all tower cranes proceed safely by:

Issuing permits for the erection or operation of tower cranes (see P&P C-41A);

Ensuring that crane employers are aware of all applicable Title 8 safety orders and the crane manufacturer's recommended practices prior to the erection and operation of a tower crane;

Requiring that crane employers notify the nearest Cal/OSHA Enforcement Unit district office when a fixed tower crane will begin operation, be climbed or be dismantled, and when a mobile tower crane will be operated at different sites;

Conducting periodic inspections of workplaces which contain tower cranes.

See California Labor Code sections 7370 through 7374.