Crane Unit

The Crane Unit is responsible under Labor Code sections 7370-7384 for the following:

  • Certifying agencies. Licensing certifying agencies to inspect and certify cranes and derricks used in lifting service exceeding three tons rated capacity.
    • Crane certifier accreditation database: Use the online search function to determine whether a particular company is licensed as a crane certifier or to find a crane certifier in a particular geographical area. Or you can order a hard copy by contacting the Crane Unit.
  • Tower cranes. Issuing permits to erect tower cranes and permits to operate tower cranes to help ensure the following:
    • The erection, climbing, dismantling, and operation of tower cranes proceed safely.
    • Crane employers are aware of all applicable Title 8 safety orders and the crane manufacturer's recommended practices prior to the erection and operation of a tower crane.
    • Crane employers understand that they must notify the Crane Unit when a fixed tower crane will begin operation or be climbed or dismantled, or when a mobile tower crane will be operated at different sites.

The Crane Unit also conducts periodic inspections of tower cranes in workplaces, provides support to Cal/OSHA Enforcement district offices regarding crane safety, and conducts research into the causes of crane accidents in California. The unit analyzed three years of data on crane accidents and produced a report on Crane Accidents in 1997-1999.

Required Notifications to the Crane Unit

Crane certifiers and derrick certifiers must report deficiencies affecting the safe operation of a crane during the course of any certification inspection within 5 working days after the test date.

Contact the Crane Unit to:

  • Submit required notifications
  • Apply for a license or permit
  • Obtain information about crane safety in California

Cal/OSHA Crane Unit
2 MacArthur Place, Suite 700
Santa Ana, CA 92707

Phone:(714) 567-7142

January 2023