California Employers' Records of Occupational Injury and Illness

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California OSHA Recordkeeping

Title Brief Description
Hearing Loss Requirements Hearing Loss Requirements for 2004
Subject Index The subject index provides a new way to search for specific topics of interest.
Online Excel Forms Appendices A, B, and C allow users to keep records on downloadable Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
Did You Know? Upon entry into the CAL/OSHA web site, a popup window is displayed called 'Did You Know?'
Test Your Knowledge Enhanced features provide a better educational experience.
Powerpoint Presentation Provides slides for use in educational programs and presentation.
FAQ's Provides answers to many common recordkeeping questions.

Subject Index

The Subject Index contains a list of topics frequently used in the recordkeeping process. To review a specific subject, scan the list and click on the title. This will take you to a highlighted portion in the Standard. By clicking on the buttons to the right, you can review either Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) or Highlights on the topic selected.

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Downloadable Excel Spreadsheet For Cal/OSHA 300, 300A, and 301.

The forms found in the Forms & Instructions page Appendix A (Form 300), Appendix B (Form 300A), and Appendix C (Form 301), are now available in a single downloadable Excel spreadsheet. These forms were previously only available in Adobe Acrobat Reader format.

The Excel spreadsheet can be downloaded to your local PC (be sure to remember your file location) where you can keep a running incident record. This spreadsheet will perform column tallies and is linked to automatically post and update the Cal/OSHA Form 300A, the Annual Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses.

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Did You Know

A feature titled "Did You Know" (DYK) has been added to the CAL/OSHA web site. DYK is a popup window displayed on the home page only upon entry into the web site. The DYK popup window displays selected information of interest, a link to the specific section in the standard (with pertinent information highlighted), a button to view the next randomly select DYK, and a "Close Window button."

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Test Your Knowledge

The Test Your Knowledge (TYK) feature has been enhanced to improve the visitor experience.

TYK is an option found in the left-side navigation. The TYK page now displays a scoreboard that indicates a running total of "Right" and "Wrong" answers. Additionally, the scoreboard has a "Reset" option that allows test takers to start the test over, resetting the scores to zero.

An added sound feature can be toggled off/on by clicking on the "Speaker" button at the left of the scoreboard.

When the user answers questions the display will indicate "Correct" (with a green background) or "Incorrect" (with a red background) and the scoreboard will be appropriately posted. While the answer can be changed, the scoreboard will only post the initial answer.

Each answer box contains a link to the standard related to the question/answer. Clicking on this link will display the standard with the applicable section highlighted.

When the question is answered incorrectly, the user can select "Would you like a hint?" This will activate a floating popup box that contains key word(s) in the question related to the answer.

When you have answered all questions the scoreboard will change its border color from yellow to red and change the scoreboard title from "Your Test Score" to " Your Final Score."

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CAL OSHA Powerpoint Presentation

A CAL/OSHA PowerPoint Presentation is now available for use in educational programs and presentations. This comprehensive series of slides can be used as is or specific slides can be selected to customize the presentation to fit the users needs. To select this feature use the left-side navigation button "PowerPoint."

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

This section provides responses to both internal Cal/OSHA and user generated questions. Site users should periodically review this section for updated answers to unique questions. For access, use the left-side navigation bar and click on "FAQ's."

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Occupational Hearing Loss Requirements

The Occupational Hearing Loss Standard changed in 2004. A new column for "Hearing Loss" was added to the Cal/OSHA Forms 300 and 300A.

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