California Employers' Records of Occupational Injury and Illness

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Cal/OSHA Recordkeeping

The following is a list of topics frequently used in the recordkeeping process. To review a specific subject, scan the list and click on the title. This will take you to a highlighted portion in the Standard. By clicking on the buttons to the right, you can review either Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or Highlights on the topic selected.

Subject Related Information
Annual OSHA Injury and Illness Survey. FAQ Highlights
Annual Summary of Work-related Injuries and Illnesses (Form 300A). FAQ Highlights
Certification. FAQ Highlights
Posting - Where and When. FAQ Highlights
Covered Employees. FAQ Highlights
Self-Employed Persons. FAQ Highlights
First Aid. FAQ
General Recording Criteria. FAQ Highlights
Medical Treatment. FAQ Highlights
Routine Job Functions. FAQ
Work Environment. FAQ Highlights
Discrimination - Prohibition Against.   Highlights
Ensuring Employees Report Injury and Illnesses. FAQ Highlights
Injuries or Illnesses - Not Recordable. FAQ Highlights
Eating or Drinking. FAQ
Employee Performing Personal Tasks. FAQ
Employee Present as Member of Public. FAQ
Mental Illness. FAQ
Non-Work Related Signs or Symptoms.  
Personal Grooming. FAQ
Vehicle Accident Going To or FromWork. FAQ
Voluntary Participation. FAQ
Others. FAQ
Needlestick and Sharps Injuries. FAQ Highlights
Diagnosed Later with Infectious Bloodborne Disease. FAQ
Exposure to Infectious Material Without Being Cut or Scratched. FAQ
Other Potentially Infectious Material. FAQ
Partial Exemption for Employers.
Based on Individual Establishment/Total Company. FAQ
Certain Industries. FAQ Highlights
Company Size. FAQ Highlights
Determining Company Size. FAQ Highlights
Industries in California – by SIC Codes. FAQ
Industries Included in Partial Exemption. FAQ
10 or Fewer Employees. FAQ Highlights
Cases Involving Medical Removal. FAQ Highlights
Cases Involving Use of Oxygen. FAQ
Cases Occurring on Friday – Worker Returns on Monday. FAQ Highlights
Cases Occurring Prior to Scheduled Time Off. FAQ Highlights
Cases Occurring in One Year with Lost Days Extending into Next Year. FAQ
Cases with both Lost Days and Restricted Work. FAQ
Cases of Voluntary Medical Removal. FAQ Highlights
Classifying Medical Removal Cases. FAQ Highlights
Counting Weekends, Holidays, or Other Days. FAQ Highlights
Day of Injury or Illness. FAQ Highlights
Days Away from Work. FAQ Highlights
Determining a New Injury or Illness. FAQ Highlights
Determining if a Case Meets One or More General Recording Requirements. FAQ Highlights
Determining if Event/Exposure Occurred at Work or Away from Work. FAQ
Determining if Injury or Illness is Work Related.
Employee Fails to Follow Recommended Medical Treatment. FAQ Highlights
Employee Telecommuting from Home. FAQ
Employees Working at Different Locations. FAQ Highlights
Healthcare Professionals Determination of New Case vs. Recurrence. FAQ
Healthcare Professional Recommends Worker Stay Home but Employee Comes to Work. FAQ
Healthcare Professional Returns Worker to Work but Employee Stays Home. FAQ
Hearing Loss.   Highlights
Injured Employee Retires or Leaves Company. FAQ
Injuries or Illness Occurring Away from Primary Work Location. FAQ
Injuries to Temporary Service/Contractor’s Employee. FAQ Highlights
Injury or Illness While on Travel Status. FAQ Highlights
Injury or Illness While Working at Home. FAQ Highlights
Injury or Illness Beyond First Aid. FAQ Highlights
Loss of a Partial Work Shift. FAQ
Loss of Consciousness. FAQ Highlights
Musculoskeletal Disorders.   Highlights
Pre-Existing Injury or Illness.   Highlights
Professional Status of Treatment Provider. FAQ
Prophylactic Treatments. FAQ
Recording Criteria - General. FAQ Highlights
Recurrence of Chronic Work-Related Case. FAQ Highlights
Serious Work Related Injury or Illness Results in Fatality. FAQ Highlights
Significant Aggravation of a Pre-Existing Condition. FAQ Highlights
Significant Injury or Illness. FAQ Highlights
Tuberculosis. FAQ Highlights
Access to Records for Employee and Employee Representatives. FAQ Highlights
Access to Records Through Collective Bargaining Agreements. FAQ
Additional Protection for Employee Privacy. FAQ
Change in Establishment Ownership.   Highlights
Charging for Copies of Records. FAQ
Computer Recordkeeping. FAQ
Employee Personal Representative - Defined. FAQ
Employee Involvement in Recordkeeping. FAQ Highlights
Employers Covered by the Mine Safety and Health Act.   Highlights
Forms – Basic Requirement (300, 300A, and 301). FAQ Highlights
Keeping Records for More Than One Agency.   Highlights
Limit on the Number of Days Counted - Away From Work. FAQ Highlights
Maintained at Central Office or Location. FAQ Highlights
Multiple Business Establishments. FAQ Highlights
One Business with Two or More Establishments. FAQ
Privacy Concern Cases. FAQ Highlights
Privacy Protection for Other Than Authorized Representatives. FAQ
Providing Copies of the Cal/OSHA 301 to Employee Representatives. FAQ Highlights
Providing Copies of the Cal/OSHA 300/301 For Entire Company - Limitation. FAQ Highlights
Providing Copies of the Cal/OSHA 300 and 300A - Time Frames. FAQ
Providing Records to Government Representatives. FAQ Highlights
Removing Names from the Cal/OSHA 300. FAQ
Retention and Updating. FAQ Highlights
Retention and Updating of Old Form 200s. Highlights
Short Term Establishments (i.e. less than one year). FAQ Highlights
Use of Equivalent Forms. FAQ
Reporting Serious Injury, Illness, or Death.
Requests from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for Data. FAQ Highlights
Restricted Work or Job Transfer:   Highlights
Counting Days of Job Transfer or Restriction. FAQ Highlights
Deciding When It Occurs. FAQ
Handling Vague Work Restrictions from a Healthcare Professional. FAQ
Job Restrictions Where Employee Does All Routine Jobs. FAQ Highlights
Job Transfer - Same as Restricted Work. FAQ Highlights
Restricted Work or Transfer on Day of Injury. FAQ Highlights
Transfer to Another Job. FAQ Highlights
When is a Work Restriction Recordable? FAQ Highlights
Worker Produces Fewer Goods or Services. FAQ
Standard Industrial Classification Codes. FAQ
Requests for Variance from the Recordkeeping Rule – Private Employer. FAQ Highlights
Revocation of Variance. FAQ
Variances for Public Employers. FAQ Highlights