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California's SHARP is designed to meet the Federal OSHA requirements for a Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP). Cal/SHARP, is site specific and is offered to all high-hazard employers with either fixed- or mobile-worksites. Applicants that meet the requirements of Cal/SHARP receive recognition and may receive an exemption from programmed inspections by Cal/OSHA Enforcement. Cal/SHARP employer worksites are recognized as worksites expected to have a significantly lower risk for serious accidents than other employer's worksites within the same industry. In turn, this allows Cal/OSHA to focus its programmed inspection efforts on other worksites.

Cal/SHARP applicants must be able to demonstrate active management commitment and employee involvement in their safety and health management system, as well as their ability to meet applicable dual- and multi-employer responsibilities. The company must also demonstrate that their safety and health management systems are effective in preventing and reducing accidents at the worksite.

Cal/SHARP application and approval process is managed through the Cal/OSHA Consultation Service's on-site visit process. When achieved, Cal/SHARP status will be granted to the worksite for a period of up to twenty-four (24) months. Employers with overall responsibility for worker safety and health at a site may also be granted a site exemption from Cal/OSHA Enforcement programmed inspections during that time period. Twenty-four (24) month renewals are available.

If you are interested in participating in one of our partnership programs, please contact your local area office to obtain more information and request an application packet.

March 2022