Asbestos Resources

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Occupational Health and Safety Resources

1. File a Complaint about unsafe or unhealthy working conditions

2. Asbestos Contractor Registration to check on registrant status, search the database.

3. Asbestos Consultant and Site Surveillance Technician Certification for information and complaints regarding DOSH Certified Asbestos Consultants, to check on certification status and to search the database.

4. Employers can obtain on-site assistance from Cal/OSHA Consultation or view DOSH Publications

5. Obtain an establishment citation history and general health & safety information

6. Obtain Technical Information and Compliance Directives and Interpretations from Federal OSHA

Consumer-Related Resources

1. Contractor license status, information and contract complaints

Contractor's State License Board: You can file a complaint, check the license status and entity information (business type, officers) or get general information. Call (800) 321-2752.

2. Asbestos contractor questions and asbestos regulation information

Asbestos Contractors Registration Unit (ACRU), Cal/OSHA- To check on registrant status, search the Asbestos Registrant Database.  If you have a complaint about a registrant that involves unsafe or unhealthy working conditions at a specific worksite, we will refer you to the nearest Cal/OSHA Enforcement District Office.  For contract disputes and licensing violations, contact the Contractor's State License Board.   For environmental concerns, contact the local air quality district, State Air Resources Board or U.S. EPA.  We do review the results of investigations by the above and may take separate administrative action.  You can call us directly at (415) 703-5191 to discuss your concerns.

3. Certified Asbestos Consultant and asbestos regulations- Information and complaints

Asbestos Consultant Certification and Training Provider Unit, DOSH- Call (916) 574-2993. To check on certification status, search the Asbestos Consultant and Site Surveillance Technician Certification database. You can also look in the local phone directory under "Asbestos Consultants."

4. Air quality rules and complaints about asbestos removal or waste transportation- See Environmental, below

Environmental Resources

1. Asbestos air quality/environmental complaints and regulatory information

Local Air Quality Districts These districts (with some exceptions) are delegated by the EPA to enforce the NESHAPS regulations on renovation and demolition. They require pre-job reporting and inspect asbestos removal work sites for environmental compliance. Look in your local phone directory under the name of your District or go to the Local Air District Contact List of the State Air Resources Board web site at"

California State Air Resources Board- For information call (800) 272-4572. For their complaint hotline call (800) 952-5588. The web site is at  Look for information on asbestos under "Air Toxins Programs."

2. Hazardous waste transportation, treatment, storage and disposal

Toxic Substances Control Department, Cal/EPA, State of California- The web site is at  Look at "About DTSC" and contact the Regional Duty Officer or other offices. For information, call the Hazardous Waste Hotline at (916) 323-6042. For illegal dumping or handling of hazardous waste, call (800) 698-6942

3. Non-hazardous waste disposal information

Integrated Waste Management Board, Cal/EPA, State of California- The web site is at  Or call (916) 255-2200.

4. Compliance history, air quality/waste regulations, complaints and general asbestos information from Environmental Protection Agency. U.S. EPA Region 9 enforces the ASHARA and NESHAPS regulations directly or delegates authority. Call (415) 744-1122, for the Regional Asbestos (ASHARA) Coordinator, and 415-744-1145, for the NESHAPS Coordinator.

Compliance History Search the National Asbestos Registry System to determine the compliance history of asbestos contractors.

Publications, laboratory testing and general information on asbestos

Go to the national EPA asbestos web site at  Under "Links," you can view the "Directory of NVLAP Accredited Asbestos Fiber Analysis Laboratories" for PLM and TEM analysis and a "List of Model AHERA Courses." Note: The American Industrial Hygiene Association also has a laboratory proficiency-testing program. Go to

The Asbestos Ombudsman Clearinghouse/Hotline, (800) 368-5888 provides general asbestos information to the public. Operated by EPA's Small Business Ombudsman's Office, it also assists small businesses in complying with EPA regulations.

5. Permits, Public Health Complaints & Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

  • Some counties and cities have building permit, fire or other regulations related to asbestos abatement and waste. All have household hazardous waste programs for homeowners. Check in your local phone directory under departments of environmental health, health, building, etc.


1. For free copies "What You Should Know Before You Hire A Contractor," visit Contractors State License Board or them at (800) 321-2752.

2. Environmental Protection Agency. Many regulatory and technical publications can be found at:  Two you may find useful are:
For Building Owners- "Managing Asbestos In Place- A Building Owner's Guide to Operations and Maintenance Programs for Asbestos-Containing Materials," U.S. EPA 1990. A single copy is available through the TOSCA Hotline at  Can also be obtained from the National Technical Information Service at (800) 553-6847. The NTIS Order Number is PB91-145920INZ. The cost is $28.50.

For Homeowners- "Asbestos in Your Home- A Homeowners Guide," by the American Lung Association, Consumer Product Safety Commission and U.S. EPA. Available at  or by calling the TSCA Assistance Information Service, (202) 554-1404.

Note: The State of California has additional regulations that these guides do not include.