Asbestos Registrants' Database

For information on the registration process and asbestos regulations go to ACRU home page

The asbestos registants database contains a list of asbestos contractors and other employers registered with the Asbestos Contractors' Registration Unit. The database contains detailed information on each registrants. To learn about what types of information are provided on the asbestos registrant database, view registrant detail information

You can view the entire database, search or sort the database by name of company or organization, dba (doing business as) name; registration #; city; state; telephone area code, and CSLB (Contractor's State License Board) number.

To search the database, fill in only those fields you wish to search:

NOTE: Updating of the Asbestos Registrants' Database occurs on a regular basis. Some registrants whose registration has just expired may remain on the Database. However, they cannot work until their renewal application is approved.

Searching by Number: Search for a particular registrant using their number. Contractors who only perform such work as roofing or flooring do not need a CSLB ASB certification and ACRU places an R or F before their number. To get a summary list of all contractors engaged in these types of work just enter R or F. Note: Many specialty contractors also passed the CSLB certification exam and met the DOSH registration requirements to perform all types of asbestos. In the past, ACRU added a new unrestricted asbestos registration number to the original restricted number, separating them by a slash as in F-34/967. For these you can search using both numbers or just one.

Searching by Name: The names on the list reflect the legal name of the registrant as a: (1) Contractor (as listed on the CSLB license, including other names that they may do business as (dba)); (2) Non-contractor private entity (as registered with the Secretary of State); (3) Public Agency (Statutory name). Note: Registrants must work only under these names. If you do not know the exact spelling, the database will provide all likely names. The database uses periods and spaces (e.g., A B C, A.B.C., or A. B. C.) to identify the name. It places these at the beginning of an alphabetic list. Those with continuous letters (e.g., ABC) are treated as a word and placed in alphabetical order.

Searching by City or Area Code: Perform multiple searches in these categories. Do not use this search to determine if a contractor will work in your region. Contractors may have multiple offices or simply travel to other parts of the State. Call the contractor directly or look in the phone or business directories in your local area.