Reducing Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure in Dentistry:
An Update -- Page 2

Exposure Control Plan

Your exposure control plan must promote the use of safe and effective engineering controls and work practices in your dental office. The written exposure control plan must contain at least the following elements:

  1. "Policy and elements " - a policy statement to identify the required elements.

  2. "Exposure determinations" – list of jobs where your employees may have occupational exposure.

  3. "Schedules for implementing procedures" including:

    • observing universal precautions
    • assessing and updating engineering / work practice controls
    • handling regulated waste
    • cleaning and decontamination of the worksite / equipment
    • promoting good hygiene
    • using PPE
    • providing Hepatitis B vaccination and post-exposure evaluation and follow-up
    • communicating hazards to employees
    • keeping records
  4. "Provision for the initial reporting of exposure incidents"

  5. "Hepatitis B vaccination" - establishes a policy to provide and document the hepatitis B vaccine series to unvaccinated employees.

  6. "Post-exposure evaluation and follow-up" – details procedures to care for employees after an exposure incident.

  7. Dentist working

  8. "Effective procedures" for:

    • evaluating the circumstances of exposure incidents
    • gathering sharps injury log information
    • tracking the frequency of use / types / brands of sharps involved in exposure incidents
    • identifying and selecting appropriate / currently available engineering controls
    • documenting exceptions to using engineering controls
    • involving employees in the review / update of the exposure control plan