Frequently Asked Questions about Cal/OSHA Consultation Services

  1. What does an employer requested on-site Consultation Cost?

    Nothing. It's free – your tax dollars at work!

  2. Will Cal/OSHA Enforcement know we are working with Consultation?

    No. We are completely separate programs. We do not share information with Cal/OSHA Enforcement.

  3. Will you "OSHA proof" me?

    No. We can't guarantee that Enforcement wouldn't find any violations. But better safety will make an inspection much less likely and less serious.

  4. Will I be fined if you find hazards?

    No. Consultation does not issue citations, fines or penalties.

  5. What's the catch?

    You'll have to fix any hazards we identify.

Visit the Cal/OSHA Consultation page to see how we can help you!