Medical Services and First Aid - meetings

General Industry Safety Orders
Chapter 4, subchapter 7,
Section 3400
Construction Safety Orders
Chapter 4, subchapter 4
Section 1512

February 2015

Final Advisory Committee Draft. In February 2015, a draft of a possible regulation was submitted to the Standards Board staff for their review. This is not a rulemaking proposal at this time, and has not been noticed for public comment.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Michael Horowitz at 510‑286‑7009.

June 29, 2011
10:00 am
Elihu Harris State Building
1515 Clay St., 2nd Floor, Room 12
Oakland, CA

The Cal/OSHA First Aid Advisory Committee will meet to consider a new petition #519 and reconsider some unresolved aspects of petition #483 regarding:

  1. Alternatives to the existing General Industry Safety Orders section 3400 requirement that the content of first aid kits be approved by the consulting physician
  2. Possible revision to the Construction Industry Safety Orders section 1512 table of approved first aid kit materials for the construction industry due to it being outdated

Comments and questions about the petition and meeting should be directed to Michael Horowitz at 510‑286‑7009.

February 2017