Pressure Vessel search instructions

  • Fill in one or more fields
  • Capitalization is ignored
  • Order is not ignored. For example Jane Smith does not match Smith Jane.
  • Filling in a complete name in any field must be an exact match. For example, Jane Smith does not match James Smith, Jan Smith, or Janey Smithers.
  • Filling in one name only in any field will provide all records with that name. For example, Jane matches Jane Doe, Richard Jones dba Jane Fashions, and Harold Janely.
  • Searching with a partial name in any field will match all records that contain that sequence of letters. For example, in the "Name" field "mith" will match Jane Smith, Richard Smithers, Harvey Goldsmith. In the "Address" field "Main" will match "123 Mainard Street"And in the "City" field "arc" will match Arcadia, San Marcos, Arcata, Arcos, etc.
  • A blank field matches everything. For example, leave the City field blank and records in all cities will be found.
  • Spaces between words are important. For example, 123 Main Street will not match 123 Mainstreet.
  • There is no means provided to conduct "or" searches. For example, searching for "Jane" or "Smith" will provide no results.

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