Cal/OSHA - Consultation video

You can now watch the Cal OSHA CONSULTATION  video over the internet!

Running time: 9 minutes 51 seconds

The video describes California OSHA's consultation services which provide free, on-site workplace health and safety recommendations, and are completely independent of, and by law, prevented from communicating with, the OSHA enforcement program.   The video presents detailed information on the benefits of working with the Consultation Service, including improved workplace safety and reduced exposure to Workers' Compensation claims, and includes interviews with actual employers in industry, construction, health care and other businesses.  A transcript of the video is provided.

To view and hear the video, you must have a sound card and a speaker or headphones installed on your computer. You must also have installed the Windows Media Player (or other compatible video player). You may download the Windows Medial Player.

Select the appropriate version of the software for your operating system, and follow the download instructions. Once the download and installation is complete, return to this page.

Start the Cal/OSHA Consultation Video

You may also download the entire video before viewing or for viewing at a later time. This may be necessary if your network is congested. On windows computers, this is normally accomplished by right-clicking the link above, and selecting "save target as..."