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Are you ready to file in EAMS? This page provides a variety of tools to help ensure you are able to file forms and documents in the electronic environment. We recommend you review all the materials and make sure you are using the most current versions available. Updates are frequent!

Deciding how to file

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Using databases

Uniform assigned names (UAN)

Uniform assigned names are created and assigned by the DWC to associate related parties to their cases. Currently only claims administrators or representatives in a case are given uniform assigned names. However, anyone filing a form in EAMS—be they an injured worker, a claims administrator, an attorney, a lien claimant or other—will need to use the uniform assigned name to identify the claims administrator or representative in the case for which they are filing.

  • Search for a claims administrators’ UAN
  • Search for a representatives’ UAN
  • How to get a UAN :
    • You must be a claims administrator or a representative
    • You must register with the Central Registration Unit (CRU). Send your request and preferred method of service (email, U.S. mail or fax) on letterhead with an authorized signature by email to or fax to (888) 822-9309.
    • The new assigned name or information will be posted within 10 business days of receipt of the request.
    • After receiving your UAN, please inform the CRU of new offices and changes of name, location, mailing address, telephone, e-mail, fax, or preferred method of service.
    • Click here for additional information about UAN

Searching for public information on a workers’ compensation case

Members of the public may search the Division of Workers’ Compensation’s database for information on active and archived disputed workers’ compensation cases using the EAMS public information search tool.

There is also a tool to translate a Legacy case number to EAMS.

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