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Welcome to DWC’s online Physician Education Courses. See below for our current offerings on the use of the Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule (MTUS) as well as tips for Qualified Medical Evaluators (QME). Our courses provide continuing education credits for physicians, QMEs, chiropractors, and nurses.

"Evaluating California’s Injured Workers: Qualified Medical Evaluators (QME)" is the latest in a planned series of educational modules.

This course is developed for current QMEs, those who are interested in becoming a QME, or to anyone interested in the QME process. QMEs play a critical role in resolving disputes within the workers’ compensation system.

Additional Resources:

Physicians treating in the California workers' compensation system are required to follow the evidence-based recommendations in the DWC medical treatment utilization schedule (MTUS).

"Caring for California’s Injured Workers: Using California’s Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule” is an online course for treating physicians, qualified medical examiners, physician reviewers, other health care providers, and anyone else interested in learning how to use the MTUS.

DWC’s course on California Workers’ Compensation Medical Legal Report Writing offers a comprehensive outline of essential components of a medical legal report, identifies key components, concepts and terminology of a medical legal report; and includes the option to create a medical legal report using a fillable outline.

Notice: To register for and access the online physician training modules, you must follow one of the links above. You will then be re-directed to an external site.

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October 2023