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EAMS is DWC’s Web-based electronic case management system that launched in August 2008. Here are some key facts about EAMS:

  • EAMS replaced six different legacy systems representing DWC’s multiple business units
  • 1,034 GB or 1.00 terabytes of data were successfully converted into EAMS from DWC’s legacy systems
  • 700,000 transactions are processed by EAMS every day
  • Over 123,000 electronic documents have been scanned into EAMS since Aug. 22, 2008
  • 90 percent of documents scanned are successfully processed into EAMS daily (a significant improvement from the very beginning of the EAMS go-live) … and the number keeps improving as staff continue to ramp up on the new functionality

EAMS is being implemented in stages:

  • Stage 1 brought DWC on board (2008)
  • Stage 2 allowed external parties to file forms electronically through the e-forms trial, using logons to access the electronic case file (2008)
  • Stage 3 expanded access to public information about adjudication cases on the DWC Web site (2010)
  • Stage 4 allows electronic bulk filing of six priority forms without a logon with JET File in June 2011
  • Stage 5 will connect external users electronically with the workers’ compensation court system once it is funded

Who uses EAMS

  • DWC district office employees (including judges, return to work consultants, clerical staff, raters, etc)
  • Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) commissioners
  • Participants in the voluntary e-forms trial, who agree to file all of their forms electronically
  • Third party filers, who file liens and applications on behalf of clients. Third party filers file only—they do not have access to documents in the case file


  • Approximately 36,000,000 pages of case-related documents are submitted to DWC district offices annually
  • Currently around 140,000 new applications are filed each year at DWC district offices
  • The DWC Information Service Center receives an average of 27,000 calls per month for information and assistance regarding workers’ compensation claims


  • 2003: RAND researchers recommend reform
  • 2003: Feasibility study report (FSR) development
  • 2004: FSR approval
  • 2005: Request for proposal (RFP) bidding process begins
  • 2006: Special project report (SPR) establishes schedule and costs
  • 2006: Contract awarded to Deloitte
  • February 2007: Deloitte and staff of 50 contractors start work at project site
  • Mid-2007 to spring/summer 2008: Build of EAMS system and integration component
  • Summer 2008: Pilot test of EAMS at all DWC district offices
  • August 2008: EAMS goes live
  • 2009: Hundreds of external users join e-forms trial
  • 2010: Work begins on change requests to provide bulk filing for six forms
  • 2010: Access to public case information provided on DWC Web site
  • 2011: JET File debuts in June


  • Initial project budget of $36 million spread out over several fiscal years

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June 2011