JET File technical information

EAMS Jet File image

JET File allows electronic filing of multiple court "forms"and attachments in a single transmission by secure file transfer (SFT) service, starting June 27, 2011. It is currently limited to the following seven forms:

  • Application for adjudication of claim
  • Declaration of readiness to proceed (to hearing)
  • Declaration of readiness to proceed (to expedited trial)
  • Compromise and release
  • Stipulations with request for award
  • Notice and request for allowance of lien.m
  • Golden Rod lien (EDD only).
  • Unstructured form.
  • Supplemental Lien Form and Section 4903.05(c) Declaration - Jan. 1, 2017

Business rules for those filing with JET File

Technical specifications for those developing JET File transmission code

December 2017