Answers to frequently asked questions about working in EAMS

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Topics covered in this FAQ include:

Filing in EAMS
Injured Worker-specific Questions
Uniform Assigned Names
Correspondence/Serving Parties

About filing in EAMS

Q: What is electronic filing?

A: Electronic filing is the fastest way to get your documents into EAMS. There are two ways to electronically file: eForms and JET File. JET File is for large-volume filers, while eForms are better for small-to-medium filers. The electronic filing webpage explains the differences between the two methods and how to get started.

Q: Can you tell me more about OCR forms?

A: External users may go to the DWC's website, fill out and print any of the OCR forms, then submit the paper form, along with supporting documents, via mail or in person, to the district office for filing. Standardized forms and templates for OCR paper forms are posted on the forms page of the DWC website. If you file letters or documents that are not EAMS OCR forms (such as certain petitions), submit the documents with the proper OCR cover sheet and separator sheets, in a condition which is compatible with the district office scanners. The documents should be double-spaced except for captions, quotes, etc.

See DWC's OCR forms submission handbook for details on filing using OCR forms.

Q: If we submit OCR documents on a pro per claim and later assign counsel, will they have to also submit OCR documents, or may they file electronically?

A: Those who sign up for eForms filing can submit documents in eForms or paper. They cannot submit duplicate documents. So, if you are an OCR filer and you bring in a defense attorney whose office uses eForms, the defense firm will not be limited to the filing method you are using. However, they must file a "Notice of Representation" in order to be linked to the case. Filers may also be able to use JET File to file electronically.

Q: The regulations state documents filed must not exceed 25 pages. What do I do if a medical report is over 25 pages?

A: Medical reports and proposed exhibits are exceptions to the 25-page rule. The 25-page rule does not include the document separator sheet and document cover sheet. The documents subject to the 25-page limit are those that you prepare, such as petitions.

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About Injured Worker-specific Questions

Q: What happens to an injured worker's personal information that is requested on various DWC forms? Is it kept confidential?

A: The division uses this information solely to administer its duties in workers' compensation claims. DWC will use personal information as an identifier to ensure that documents are matched to the correct workers' comp case. Note that some case file information can be found by using the public information search tool.

Q: Our office just subbed into a case; how do we obtain previously filed case documents?

A: You would submit a Public Records Act (PRA) request. Please see the DWC PRA request page for more information and the contact information for the DWC PRA coordinators. Please remember to be specific in your request.

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About Uniform Assigned Names

Q: Is it mandatory to use the uniform assigned name for claims administrators, representatives, and lien claimants?

A: Yes. If your firm or organization's UAN exists in the database it must be used. If you are a claims administrator, representative, or lien claimant and your organization's UAN is NOT in the database, you need to register promptly with the CRU Unit to obtain your UAN. See the UAN main webpage for instructions on doing this. The use of uniform assigned names associates parties to the EAMS cases correctly and uniformly, thus avoiding unnecessary delays. If your request was submitted correctly, the new assigned name or information will be posted within 10 days of receipt of the request. Use the UAN on all forms that have a field designated for claims administrator, law firm, or lien claimant and in the "author" field of the document separator sheet.

Q: If I have claims administrator with multiple uniformed assigned names for multiple locations in the database, how can I identify which claims administrator's office it belongs to?

A: You will have to contact the claims administrator’s office to get that information if they do not indicate on their correspondence which uniform assigned name to use when submitting documents intended for a particular office.

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About Correspondence/Perving Parties

Q: How are documents served by the DWC?

A: Documents are served by U.S. mail, fax, or email. Registered participants to a case have the option to choose one of these methods of service, but no more than one. EAMS only reflects a party's preferred method of service from EAMS to that participant. For companion cases, service will need to be performed in each separate case.

Q: How do I change or add a name or address in the EAMS database?

A: Changes or additions of name, location, mailing address, telephone, email, fax, or preferred method of service for claims administrators’ offices, lien claimants’ offices and representatives’ offices must be submitted to the CRU on letterhead with an authorized signature. Requests may be submitted by e-mail to or by fax to (888) 822-9309.

Editing your information with the CRU only constitutes notice to the DWC/WCAB of the change. EAMS does not serve notice on other parties for you. All case participants must notify all other case participants of any change of name, mailing address, or telephone number

Other types of case participants must notify the district office of changes of name, mailing address, or telephone number.

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