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Portable Ladder Safety

As trainers of your students and young workers, you are responsible for educating them on workplace health and safety including (but not limited to): safe work practices, worker's rights, the importance of learning in safety meetings and other trainings, and complying with rules and regulations. To reduce the risk of injury and increase productivity, see the information below:

When training your students and young workers make sure and review with them their information on Portable Ladder Safety.

What Is Required by Cal/OSHA

When climbing, descending or working on ladders always face the ladder and keep 3 alternate contact points.Cal/OSHA has a number of regulations related to Portable Ladder Safety in construction in Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations (T8CCR) which include sections 1629, 1675, 1676, 1678, This list does not include all of the Title 8 regulations which may be applicable to your workplace. The specific Cal/OSHA safety requirements that apply to your trainees depends on the types of construction activities they will actually be performing. The complete set of Title 8 regulations can be found at:

All persons in construction using portable ladders must be trained on ladder safety (as per T8CCR sections 1509 and 1510). To work safely when using portable ladders train students and young workers on:

Best Practice Ideas

Train students and young workers to: