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Laws to Know

As trainers of your students and young workers, you are responsible for educating them on workplace health and safety including (but not limited to): safe work practices, worker's rights, the importance of learning in safety meetings and other trainings, and complying with rules and regulations. To reduce the risk of injury and increase productivity, see the information below:

What is Cal/OSHA?

PublicationsCal/OSHA is a state program in the Division of Occupational Safety and Health (see The state of California requires that every employer provide and maintain a safe and healthful workplace for employees. Cal/OSHA protects workers from unsafe and unhealthful work conditions.

  • Cal/OSHA is responsible for enforcing California laws and regulations related to workplace safety and health and for providing assistance to employers and workers about workplace safety and health issues.
  • Cal/OSHA Consultation Services - provides assistance to employers and workers about workplace safety and health issues through on-site assistance, high hazard consultation and special emphasis programs, telephone support, publications, eTools and educational outreach. All services provided by Cal/OSHA Consultation are free of charge to California employers. Cal/OSHA Consultation's telephone number is 1-800-963-9424.

Check mark   What Are Students and Young Workers Rights Under the Law?

  • Personal protective equipment should be providedUnder Cal/OSHA regulations they have the right to:
    • Work in a safe and healthful workplace
    • Refuse working in unsafe conditions that violate the law
    • Training on recognizing hazards and doing their job safely
    • Be provided personal protective equipment (free of charge) that is right for the job and that fits properly
    • File a complaint about unsafe or unhealthful working conditions with Cal/OSHA (see and click on File a complaint with Cal/OSHA)
  • What other rights do they have?

When training your students and young workers make sure and review with them their information on Laws to Know.

What Is Required by Cal/OSHA

The specific Cal/OSHA safety requirements that apply to your trainees depend on the types of construction activities they will actually be performing. Cal/OSHA's regulations related to safety in construction are in Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations (T8CCR) in Chapter 4. Division of Industrial Safety, mainly in three different Subchapters. The following is an overview of the Cal OSHA regulations related to safety in construction (not all applicable regulations are given below):

1. Subchapter 4. Construction Safety Orders (Sections 1500 - 1938).

  • Cal/OSHA programsArticle 1. Application (Section 1502) states, in part:
    • These Orders establish minimum safety standards whenever employment exists in connection with the construction, alteration, painting, repairing, construction maintenance, renovation, removal, or wrecking of any fixed structure or its parts.
    • At construction projects, these Orders take precedence over any other general orders that are inconsistent with them, except for Tunnel Safety Orders or Compressed Air Safety Orders
  • Article 11. Vehicles, Traffic Control, Flaggers, Barricades, and Warning Signs (Sections 1597 - 1599)
  • Article 14. Construction Hoists (Sections 1604 - 1605.21)
  • Article 16. Standard Railings (Sections 1620 - 1621)
  • Article 17. Ramps, Runways, Stairwells, and Stairs (Sections 1623 - 1626)
  • Article 21. Scaffolds - General Requirements (Sections 1635.1 - 1637)
  • Article 22. Scaffolds - Various Types (Sections 1640 - 1655)
  • Article 24. Fall Protection (Sections 1669 - 1672)
  • Article 25. Ladders (Sections 1675 - 1678)
  • Article 30. Roofing Operations and Equipment (Sections 1723 - 1731)
  • Article 31. Demolition (Sections 1733 -1737)
  • Article 33. Electrical Requirements for Construction Work (Sections 1760)

2. Subchapter 5. Electrical Safety Orders

3. Subchapter 7. General Industry Safety Orders

  • Article 2. Standard Specifications (T8CCR 3209 - 3239)

The complete set of Title 8 regulations can be found at: