Ladder Selection

Portable ladder categories: Type IAA:375 pounds, Type IA:300 pounds, Type I:250 pounds, Type II:225 pounds, Type III:200 pounds.

Selection for portable ladders depends on:

  • Purpose for which the ladder was designed to be used
  • Specific job and work being performed using the ladder
  • The person using the ladder
  • The environment including uneven/unstable ground, slippery conditions, clearance, etc.
  • Height of work surface to be reached for work
  • Load put on the ladder
  • Worker position in relation to the task
  • Regulatory requirements including requirements for length, duty rating and overlapped length

Seek advice from your "Competent Person" and get trained on how to choose the appropriate ladder for the job. When selecting the appropriate ladder for the job, also see Inspection, Use, and Maintenance.

Always use approved portable ladders (those built in accordance with the regulations and standards) which are the correct length and type for the specific job. Don't use a metal, wet wooden or fiberglass ladder to do electrical work while working on or near energized electrical conductors or systems. Water from wet ladders makes the ladder conductive to electrical current and causes a slip and fall hazard.