DLSE - Glossary

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Any individual who tends flocks of sheep grazing on range or pasture; who moves sheep to and about an area assigned for grazing; who prevents sheep from wandering or becoming lost, or uses trained dogs to round up strays and protect sheep against predators and the eating of poisonous plants; who assists in the lambing, docking and shearing of sheep; who provides water or feeds sheep supplementary rations; and who performs such duties pursuant to an approved order filed under the federal "H2A" program or any successor program.


The designated hours of work for an employee, with a designated beginning time and quitting time.

State holidays

See "holidays"

student employee

"Student employee" means an employee who is enrolled in high school, or in an accredited two-year community college or accredited four-year college or university, or who was so enrolled in the school semester or quarter or trimester most recently completed, provided the student attended school at least nine hours per week in such most recent school period and is pursuing a course of study aimed at receiving a diploma or degree.