California Court of Appeals rebuffs classification

DLSE creates car wash registration enforcement hotline - 1-877-227-5158

2007 Joint DLSE/EDD training schedule announced acrobat small logo

Special notice for labor compliance programs (LCPs) operating under initial approval by the director of industrial relations

Employers: Make sure your workers' compensation coverage is legitimate

How to develop a labor compliance program

Which IWC Order? Classifications acrobat small logo

How to obtain a garment registration certificate

Proposed Regulations - Labor Code Section 2802 Travel Expense Reimbursements

Notice: Meal and Rest Period public forum - 8/2/2007 and 8/9/2007 acrobat small logo

Car Washes Title 8 California Code of Regulations Sections 13680 through 13694

DLSE adopted regulations

Door-to-door sales by minors


Interpretation of IWC order 16-2001 rest period provisions (acrobat small logo Pdf Version)

New Legislation

Rescission of DLSE interpretation of salary basis test under AB 60 acrobat small logo

Understanding AB 60: An In Depth Look at the Provisions of the "Eight Hour Day Restoration and Workplace Flexibility Act of 1999"

This memo was drafted prior to the IWC's adoption of the interim wage order,and as such, does not purport to interpret the interim wage order. To the extent that any provisions of the interim wage order may be inconsistent with this memo, the wage order provisions would prevail.