Car Washing and Polishing Registration Enforcement Hotline:

The State of California, Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, has created a toll free car wash registration enforcement message hotline at 1-877-227-5158. The purpose of this hotline is only to report circumstances of car wash and polishing businesses, including mobile car wash services, that you believe to be operating without complying with the State's registration requirements. If you are a car wash or polishing business and have questions regarding the registration process, please call the DLSE Licensing & Registration Unit at 510-285-3502 or visit our website at

If you are aware of a car wash business that you believe is operating without registration or is in violation of state labor laws, please leave a message providing as much identifying information as possible, including the name and address, including city of the car wash, and details of the alleged violations you believe are taking place. This hotline will be monitored by the DLSE on a regular basis and appropriate enforcement activity will take place as required. You are not required to leave your name or phone number, but it would be appreciated in the event further information is needed. In most cases, you will not be notified of enforcement activity which may result from the information you leave.

January 2017