Apply for a New or Renew Garment Registration Certificate

Every person engaged in the business of garment manufacturing must register with the Labor Commissioner.

Apply Online or by Mail

Applying online is quick, easy and provides email reminders for timely renewals! You can save your application throughout the process, pay fees online and easily submit your application after all required documents are completed and attached.

  1. Gather the required documents.
  2. Complete the new application or renew your existing registration online or by mail.

Registration or Renew Online

Additional Requirements:

  1. Annual registration fees. See the Payments and Fees page for the amount of your fee.
  2. At least one qualified person from the business must successfully pass the exam.
  3. A $5,000 bond is required for applicants who have been issued a citation or assessment by either the United States Department of Labor or Department of Industrial Relations for violating the Fair Labor Standards Act or the California Labor Code.

Note: By providing your email address, you will be notified 90-days prior to the current registration’s expiration date to begin the renewal application. If you are unsuccessful in completing the application process, Regulation §13635.1 allows the applicant to continue the application process for an additional 60-days by providing a duplicate fee. 

IMPORTANT: It is illegal to operate a garment business without first obtaining a garment registration from the state labor commissioner’s office. If you operate without a valid certificate of registration, you will be subject to civil or criminal penalties.

An incomplete application, including incomplete submission of required supporting documentation, WILL DELAY THE ISSUANCE OF YOUR LICENSE. If you are submitting a renewal application, to avoid a lapse in the effective date of your license, please return your application package, with fees and documentation as early as possible, up to 90 days before the expiration date of your license.

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October 2020