California Department of Industrial Relations - DIR Fraud Prevention

Suspension Activities

California is on the front lines of combating workers’ compensation fraud. The table below details the Division of Workers’ Compensation’s activities to identify and suspend providers from participating system, pursuant to Labor Code §139.21 (a). Those actions include suspension notices, hearing requests and suspension orders.

Providers Suspended Under Labor Code §139.21(a)(1)



Provider Type

Grounds for
Suspension/ Documentation   
Notice Issued  



Onubah, Boniface Marina del Rey Neurologist (B) and (C) 1/17/2017 2/17/2017
Arguello, Carlos Chula Vista Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* 1/17/2017 2/17/2017
Dahan, Daniel Long Beach Chiropractor (B) and (C) 1/17/2017 2/17/2017
Anderson, Scott Dodd Carmichael Physician (B) and (C) 1/31/2017 3/21/2017
Hamid, Sultan Said Concord Surgeon (B) and (C) 1/31/2017 3/21/2017
Pakdel-Nabati, Touba Mira Loma Chiropractor (A)* 1/31/2017 3/21/2017
Ivar, Alan C. Costa Mesa Chiropractor (A)* 1/17/2017 3/24/2017
Barri, Michael Santa Ana Chiropractor (A)* 1/17/2017 Appealed 4/3/2017
Cohen, Mitchell Fountain Valley Physician (A)* 1/17/2017 Appealed 4/3/2017
Doshi, Tushar Newport Beach Physician (A)* 1/17/2017 Appealed 4/3/2017
Garcia, Julian National City Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* 3/15/2017 4/14/2017
Marrujo, Jethro El Centro Interpreter (A)* 3/15/2017 4/14/2017
Beoris, Peter Anthony Montague Physician (B) and (C) 3/15/2017 4/14/2017
Nguyen, Quynam Orange Physician (A)* 3/22/2017 4/25/2017
Drobot, Michael D. Newport Beach Hospital Operator (A)* 3/28/2017 4/28/2017
Martinez, Ruben Marcial Murietta Business Person (A)* 7/7/2017 Appealed 4/28/2017
Reese, George Mira Loma Chiropractor (A)* 3/28/2017 4/28/2017
Sobol, Phillip Los Angeles Orthopedic Surgeon (A)* 1/17/2017 Appealed 5/4/2017
Heric, Thomas Los Angeles Physician (A)* and (B) 1/17/2017 Appealed 5/4/2017
Severt, Raymond Santa Ana Physician (A)* and (C) 4/3/2017 5/4/2017
Johnson, Kenneth Wayne Taft Physician (A)*, (B) and (C) 4/3/2017 5/4/2017
Howser, Steven Santa Fe Springs Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* 4/14/2017 5/15/2017
Drobot, Michael R. Newport Beach Provider of Pharmaceutical Services (A)* 4/14/2017 5/15/2017
Yang, Jason Pasadena Psychiatrist (A)* 1/17/2017 Appealed 6/1/2017
Van Dyck, Neil Sheridan Podiatrist (A)* 5/19/2017 7/7/2017
Rigler, Steven Jay San Diego Chiropractor (A)* 4/14/2017 Appealed 7/27/2017
Iglesias, Fermin Glendale Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* 5/15/2017 Appealed 8/2/2017
Gogatz, Robert Murrieta Chiropractor (A)* 7/7/2017 8/8/2017
Sayat, Leovigildo Lompoc Physical Therapist (A)* 7/7/2017 8/8/2017
Barkal, Paul San Diego Physician (C) 7/7/2017 8/8/2017
Martinez, Alexander Kiev El Centro Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* 7/7/2017 8/8/2017
Rose, Robert Alva Irvine Physician (A)* 5/3/2017 Appealed 8/14/2017
Campau, Jeffery Yorba Linda Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* 8/8/2017 9/8/2017
Chavez, Rafael U. Rancho Cucamonga Physician Assistant (C) 8/18/2017 9/19/2017
Hong, Simon Herlog Medical Clinic Operator (A)* 8/18/2017 9/19/2017
Mirallegro, Landen Yorba Linda Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* 8/18/2017 9/19/2017
Wenneker, Wendell Napa Physician (C) 8/18/2017 9/19/2017
Yang, Chi Hong San Gabriel Physician (A)* and (C) 8/18/2017 9/19/2017
Abbassi, Alex Tarzana Physician (C) 9/26/2017 9/26/2017
Khorshad, Abraham Beverly Hills Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* 8/25/2017   9/26/2017
Martin, Timothy Benicia Osteopath (B) and (C) 7/7/2017 9/29/2017
Abadir, Maher Modesto Physician (C) 9/1/2017 10/02/2017
Goyena, Danniel Whittier Physical Therapy Assistant (A)* and (C) 9/1/2017 10/02/2017
Hlava, Nicole Palo Alto Physician (C) 9/1/2017 10/02/2017
Sales, Joseff Buena Park Physical Therapist (A)* and (C) 9/1/2017 10/02/2017
Pogosian, Edgar Glendale Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* and (B) 9/1/2017 10/02/2017
Balbas, Edward Rancho Cucamonga Physician (A)* 8/8/2017 Appealed 10/30/2017
Lemus, James Commerce Physician (A)* and (B) 8/25/2017 Appealed 12/1/2017
Do, Kevin Sherman Oaks Physician (A)* and (B) 8/25/2017 Appealed  
Monroy, Andrew Santa Barbara Physician (C) 9/8/2017 Appealed 3/27/2018
Broomberg, Barry San Diego Physician (A)* and (C) 9/8/2017 10/9/2017
Ordog, Gary Newhall Physician (A)* 9/8/2017 Appealed 12/8/2017
Eroshevich, Khristine Beverly Hills Physician (A)* and (B) 9/8/2017 Appealed 12/8/2017
Brizendine, Robert San Diego Psychologist (C) 9/8/2017   10/9/2017
Albert, Samuel Tustin Psychologist (A)* 9/8/2017   10/9/2017
Geiger, Kenneth Sonoma Physician (C) 9/22/2017   10/22/2017
Anderson, David San Diego Chiropractor (A)* and (B) 9/22/2017   10/22/2017
Taylor, Robert Los Angeles Chiropractor (A)* and (C) 9/22/2017   10/22/2017
Valdez, Candelaria Hemet Provider of Medical Services (A)* and (B) 9/22/2017   10/22/2017
Benzor, Joanne Riverside Physician (A)* and (C) 9/22/2017   10/22/2017
Diaz, Julio Santa Barbara Physician (A)* and (C) 9/22/2017   10/22/2017
Anderson, Mark Woodland Dentist (A)*, (B) and (C) 9/22/2017   10/22/2017
Tabuyo, Jerry San Jacinto Provider of Healthcare Services (A)* and (B) 9/22/2017   10/22/2017
King, Christopher Beverly Hills Business Person (A)* 9/22/2017   10/22/2017
Hafezi, Farhad Covina Physician (A)* and (C) 9/22/2017 Appealed 11/9/2017
Nelson, Marisa Torrance Provider of Medical Services (A)* 9/29/2017   10/29/2017
Pierce, Dolphus Lemoore Chiropractor (A)* and (C) 9/29/2017   10/29/2017
Songco, Marlon Mendota Provider of Medical Services (A)* 9/29/2017   10/29/2017
Norwood, Raffiel Rosamond Vocational Nurse (A)*, (B) and (C) 9/29/2017   10/29/2017
Pon, David Leesburg, FL Physician (A)*, (B) and (C) 9/29/2017 Appealed 1/29/2018
Tonelli, Randall San Mateo Pharmacist (A)* 9/29/2017   10/29/2017
Bailey, William Richard San Diego Osteopath (A)* and (C) 9/29/2017   10/29/2017
Chang, Helen Yuk Yu Poway Physician (C) 9/29/2017   10/29/2017
Cole, Matthew Newport Beach Physician (A)* and (B) 9/29/2017   10/29/2017
Garrett, Virginia Sarasota, FL Registered Nurse (A)* and (C) 9/29/2017   10/29/2017
Johnson, Bennie Encinitas Osteopath (C) 9/29/2017   10/29/2017
Murphy, James Francis Encinitas Osteopath (A)* and (C) 9/29/2017   10/29/2017
Azab, Adly Ayad West Covina Physician (C) 10/6/2017   11/6/2017
Deorio, Keith Santa Monica Physician (C) 10/6/2017   11/6/2017
Goodwin, Jeremy Mt. Shasta Physician (C) 10/6/2017   11/6/2017
Hai, Edward Highland Physician (C) 10/6/2017 Appealed 11/17/2017
Moranville, John Lafayette Physician (C) 10/6/2017   11/6/2017
Owens, Christopher San Francisco Physician (C) 10/6/2017   11/6/2017
Palmer, Troy Chino Physician (A)* and (C) 10/6/2017   11/6/2017
Persaud, Harold Westlake, OH Physician (A)* and (C) 10/6/2017   11/6/2017
Randall, Paul Hawaiian Gardens Provider of Medical Services (A)* 10/6/2017   11/6/2017
Sahlolbei, Hossain Blythe Physician (A)* 10/6/2017 Appealed 11/22/2017
Scott, Christopher Palm Springs Nurse (A)* and (C) 10/6/2017   11/6/2017
Struzzo, Joseph Cathedral City Physician (C) 10/6/2017   11/6/2017
Uzun, Guven Marina Del Rey Physician (C) 10/6/2017   11/6/2017
Babu, Sathish Narayanappa BolingBrook, IL Physician (A)* and (C) 10/13/2017   11/13/2017
Chukwudi, Uche Gardena Physician (C) 10/13/2017   11/13/2017
Ekwebelem, Adeline Gardena Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* 10/13/2017   11/13/2017
Kim, Victoria Los Angeles Physician (A)* and (C) 10/13/2017   11/13/2017
Wijegunaratne, Sri Jayantha Anaheim Hills Physician (A)* and (C) 10/13/2017   11/13/2017
Onyeabor, Victoria Ontario Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* 10/13/2017   11/13/2017
Onyeabor, Godwin Ontario Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* 10/13/2017   11/13/2017
Okoye, Charles Carson Physician (A)* and (C) 10/13/2017   11/13/2017
Million, Daria Corona Nurse (A)* and (C) 10/13/2017   11/13/2017
Thyagaraj, Sujan Roswell, NM Physician (C) 9/15/2017   10/16/2017
Singleton, Rhonda Los Angeles Provider of Medical Services (A)* and (B) 9/15/2017   10/16/2017
Min, Byong Chun Florence, CO Provider of Medical Services (A)* 9/15/2017   10/16/2017
Comden, Sacha Santa Monica Physician (C) 10/20/2017   11/20/2017
Haggerty, Margaret Tracy Physician (C) 10/20/2017   11/20/2017
Ohemeng, Augustus Buena Park Physician (A)* and (C) 10/20/2017   11/20/2017
Phillips, Charles Fresno Physician (C) 10/20/2017   11/20/2017
Tarryk, George Long Beach Physician (A)* 10/20/2017   11/20/2017
Abrahams, Ariel Los Angeles Physician (C) 10/27/2017   11/28/2017
Ahn, Sang Los Angeles Provider of Medical Services (A)* 10/27/2017   11/28/2017
Banda, Cesar Fair Oaks Physician (C) 10/27/2017   11/28/2017
Boni, Kiansi Torrance Physician (C) 10/27/2017   11/28/2017
Cham, Daniel Alhambra Physician (A)* and (C) 10/27/2017   11/28/2017
Chidueme, Emmanuel Anaheim Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* 10/27/2017   11/28/2017
Ehlinger, Thomas Ojai Physician (C) 10/27/2017   11/28/2017
Flores, John Mission Hills Physician (C) 10/27/2017   11/28/2017
Laing, George Long Beach Provider of Medical Services (A)* 10/27/2017   11/28/2017
Lee, Yeong Los Angeles Provider of Medical Services (A)* 10/27/2017   11/28/2017
Miranda, Emilio Los Angeles Physician (C) 10/27/2017   11/28/2017
Shahinian, Hyrar Los Angeles Physician (C) 10/27/2017   11/28/2017
Silvers, Frederick Los Angeles Physician (C) 10/27/2017   11/28/2017
Trotter, Alfred Chula Vista Physician (C) 10/27/2017   11/28/2017
Bailey, David Loma Linda Physician (C) 11/3/2017   12/4/2017
Choi, Eddie Santa Clarita Physical Therapy (A)* and (C) 11/3/2017   12/4/2017
Clark, Karla Chicago, IL Physician (C) 11/3/2017   12/4/2017
Heikali, Moosa Los Angeles Physician (C) 11/3/2017   12/4/2017
Iturzaeta, Nenita Corona Physician (C) 11/3/2017   12/4/2017
Kim, Hwa Ja Harbor City Registered Nurse (A)* and (C) 11/3/2017   12/4/2017
Kim, Seonweon Arcadia Physical Therapy (A)* and (C) 11/3/2017   12/4/2017
Lee, Won Suk Huntington Park Acupuncturist (A)* and (C) 11/3/2017   12/4/2017
Loftus, Paul Napa Physician (C) 11/3/2017   12/4/2017
McDonnel, James Bakersfield Physician (C) 11/3/2017   12/4/2017
McGroarty, John North Hollywood Physician (C) 11/3/2017   12/4/2017
Mun, Hee Jung Gardena Registered Nurse (A)* and (C) 11/3/2017   12/4/2017
Ruiz, Gonzalo Lamont Physician (A)* and (C) 11/3/2017   12/4/2017
Sreenivasan, Purnima Walnut Creek Physician (C) 11/3/2017   12/4/2017
Thota, Naga El Cajon Physician (A)* and (C) 11/3/2017   12/4/2017
Duer, Adam Sacramento Physician (C) 11/9/2017   12/11/2017
Fujimoto, Allen San Lorenzo Physician (C) 11/9/2017   12/11/2017
Gillespie, John Upland Pharmacist (C) 11/9/2017   12/11/2017
Hechanova, Jonathan Albuquerque, NM Physician (C) 11/9/2017   12/11/2017
Ikuta, Clyde Anaheim Physician (C) 11/9/2017   12/11/2017
Lee, Katherine Eunju Sunland Physician (C) 11/9/2017   12/11/2017
Michel, James Carmel Physician (C) 11/9/2017   12/11/2017
Nguyen, Thanh University Place, WA Physician (C) 11/9/2017   12/11/2017
Tralla, Michael Wheat Ridge, CO Physician (C) 11/9/2017   12/11/2017
Williams, Bryan Scott Chicago, IL Physician (C) 11/9/2017   12/11/2017
Wyatt, Lance Los Angeles Physician (C) 11/9/2017   12/11/2017
Tran, Elizabeth Duc Fountain Valley Pharmacist (A)* and (C) 11/17/2017   12/19/2017
Snyder, Patricia Ann Atascadero Physician (C) 11/17/2017   12/18/2017
Guzman, Renato Desert Hot Springs Physician (C) 11/17/2017   12/18/2017
Sanamian, Anjelika Los Angeles Medical Clinic Operator (A)* 11/17/2017   12/18/2017
Mikaelian, Mike Los Angeles Medical Clinic Operator (A)* 11/17/2017   12/18/2017
Ovsepian, Lianna Los Angeles Imaging Company Operator (A)* 11/17/2017   12/18/2017
Achtel, Robert Andrew Sacramento Physician (C) 11/17/2017   12/18/2017
Rawlani, Vinay Chicago, IL Physician (C) 11/17/2017   12/18/2017
Grigoryan, Arman Glendale Imaging Company Operator (A)* 11/17/2017   12/18/2017
Ovsepian, Artak Taft Imaging Company Operator (A)* 11/17/2017   12/18/2017
Ananeh-Firempong, Owusu Beverly Hills Physician (A)* and (C) 11/17/2017   12/18/2017
Khou, Theanna Los Angeles Pharmacist (A)* 11/17/2017   12/18/2017
Grigoryan, Nurista Glendale Imaging Company Operator (A)* 11/17/2017   12/18/2017
Murphy, Mary Charlene San Diego Physician (C) 11/17/2017   12/18/2017
Schmalhorst, William Bakersfield Physician (C) 11/9/2017   12/11/2017
Cho, Matthew Irvine Pharmacist (A)* 11/22/2017   12/26/2017
Fish, David Wayne Los Angeles Business Person (A)* 11/22/2017   12/26/2017
Garrison, David Los Angeles Physician Assistant (A)* and (C) 11/22/2017   12/26/2017
Huang, Boyao San Marino Physician (A)* and (C) 11/22/2017   12/26/2017
Nguyen, Perry Huntington Beach Pharmacist (A)* and (C) 11/22/2017   12/26/2017
Santiago, Eleanor Irvine Physician (A)* and (C) 11/22/2017   12/26/2017
Yee, Alvin Irvine Physician (A)* and (C) 11/22/2017   12/26/2017
Antkowiak, Gregory San Deigo Physician (C) 12/1/2017   1/8/2018
Kim, Ji Hae Fullerton Nurse (A)* and (C) 12/1/2017   1/8/2018
Briones, Nancy Adelanto Registered Nurse (A)* 12/1/2017   1/8/2018
Villabroza, Priscilla Covina Hospice Operator (A)* 12/1/2017   1/8/2018
Patrow, Sharon Covina Hospice Operator (A)* 12/1/2017   1/8/2018
Aslanyan, Edward Van Nuys Business Person (A)* 12/8/2017   1/8/2018
Budagova, Elza Fort Worth, TX Physician Assistant (A)* 12/8/2017   1/8/2018
Castillo, Erwin Los Angeles Registered Nurse (A)* 12/8/2017   1/8/2018
Clinton, Edmond Pasadena Physician  (C) 12/8/2017   1/8/2018
Shagoyan, Armen Van Nuys Business Person (A)* 12/8/2017   1/8/2018
Vasquez, Carolyn Van Nuys Business Person (A)* 12/8/2017   1/8/2018
Shubhakar, Somwarpet Porterville Physician (C) 12/15/2017   1/19/2018
Vyas, Jayshree Anaheim Physician (C) 12/15/2017   1/19/2018
Windsor, Robert Marietta, GA Physician (A)* and (C) 12/15/2017   1/19/2018
Abdelmalek, Sameh Indio Physician (A)* and (C) 12/15/2017   1/19/2018
Azevedo, Alan Chico Physician (C) 12/15/2017   1/19/2018
Bennett, Martin Encino Physician (C) 12/15/2017   1/19/2018
Farrell, Julie Glendale, OH Physician (C) 12/15/2017   1/19/2018
Galizia, James Blanco, TX Physician (C) 12/15/2017   1/19/2018
Le, Kimberly Carmichael Physician (C) 12/15/2017   1/19/2018
Luders, James Santa Rosa Physician (C) 12/15/2017   1/19/2018
Mackenzie, Joan Redondo Beach Physician (C) 12/15/2017   1/19/2018
Rowell, Raymond Dublin Physician (C) 12/15/2017   1/19/2018
Sevinor, Sheldon Lynn, MA Physician (C) 12/15/2017   1/19/2018
Sterner, Robert San Diego Physician (C) 12/15/2017   1/19/2018
Strome, Glenn San Francisco Physician (C) 12/15/2017   1/19/2018
Tanguma, Manuel III San Marcos Physician (C) 12/15/2017   1/19/2018
Warbritton III, John Oakland Physician (C) 12/15/2017   1/19/2018
Vivian, Michael Ventura Physician (C) 12/22/2017   1/29/2018
Hughes, Derek Patrick Auburn Physician (C) 12/22/2017   1/29/2018
Andrew, Hygin Fresno Physician (C) 1/19/2018   2/23/2018
Craven, Nicole Winter Park, FL Physician (C) 1/19/2018   2/23/2018
Ebner, Gerald Santa Maria Physician (C) 1/19/2018   2/23/2018
Gordon, Matthew Salem, OR Physician (C) 1/19/2018   2/23/2018
Hamilton, Denise Xenia, OH Physician (C) 1/19/2018   2/23/2018
Mantell, Richard Dana Point Physician (C) 1/19/2018   2/23/2018
Noll, Bradford Beverly, MA Physician (C) 1/19/2018   2/23/2018
Ross, Martin
Seattle, WA Physician (C) 1/19/2018   2/23/2018
Sisson, Vergil San Bernardino Physician (C) 1/19/2018   2/23/2018
Young, Jeffery Aptos Physician (C) 1/19/2018   2/23/2018
Altman, David Chico Physician (C) 1/26/2018   2/28/2018
Bee, David Loma Linda Physician (C) 1/26/2018   2/28/2018
Cook, Kathryn Newport Beach Physician (C) 1/26/2018   2/28/2018
Galaz, Nguyet La Puente Counselor (A)* 1/26/2018   2/28/2018
Hanusek, Gordon Panorama City Physician (C) 1/26/2018   2/28/2018
Jeffrey, Carrenda Los Angeles Counselor (A)* 1/26/2018   2/28/2018
Kahn, David Oakland Physician (C) 1/26/2018   2/28/2018
Kiviat, Douglas San Diego Physician (C) 1/26/2018   2/28/2018
Mallada, Dan Clovis Physician (C) 1/26/2018   2/28/2018
Micklo, Angela Lancaster Counselor (A)* 1/26/2018   2/28/2018
Miller, Lori Long Beach Counselor (A)* 1/26/2018   2/28/2018
Morrow, Lenton Sacramento Physician (C) 1/26/2018   2/28/2018
Navarro, Maribel Norwalk Counselor (A)* 1/26/2018   2/28/2018
Park, Chang Whittier Physician (C) 1/26/2018   2/28/2018
Queely, George Oakland Physician (C) 1/26/2018   2/28/2018
Sahni, Jyotsna Tucson, AZ Physician (C) 1/26/2018   2/28/2018
Vevaina, James San Diego Physician (C) 1/26/2018   2/28/2018
Wang, Renyan Diamond Bar Physician (C) 1/26/2018   2/28/2018
Whitson, Leland Redondo Beach Physician (A)* and (C) 1/26/2018   2/28/2018
Womack, Shyrie Bellflower Counselor (A)* 1/26/2018   2/28/2018
Black, Elizabeth Long Beach Counselor (A)* 2/2/2018   3/22/2018
Fernandez, Cathy Downey Counselor (A)* 2/2/2018   3/22/2018
Hoover, Erin Long Beach Counselor (A)* 2/2/2018 Appealed  
Ortiz, Cindy Norwalk Counselor (A)* 2/2/2018   3/22/2018
Casillas, Helsa Los Angeles Counselor (A)* 2/23/2018   3/27/2018
Diaz, Tamara Whittier Counselor (A)* 2/23/2018   3/27/2018
Dominguez, Arthur Glendale Counselor (A)* 2/23/2018   3/27/2018
Gold, Carl Springfield, IL Physician (C) 2/23/2018   3/27/2018
Talavera, Irma Bellflower Counselor (A)* 2/23/2018   3/27/2018
Thomas, Debra Richlands, VA Physician (C) 2/23/2018   3/27/2018
Vasquez, Laura Pico Rivera Counselor (A)* 2/23/2018   3/27/2018
Akhtar, Muhammad Tempe, AZ Physician (C) 2/16/2018   3/22/2018
Kyri, Lien Huntington Beach Physician (C) 2/16/2018   3/22/2018
Lauterbach, Stephen Binghamton, NY Physician (C) 2/16/2018   3/22/2018
Le, Christian Portland, OR Physician (C) 2/16/2018   3/22/2018
Petraglia, John Newport Beach Physician (C) 2/16/2018 Appealed  
Krkasharyan, Aharon Los Angeles Business Person (A)* 3/16/2018   4/24/2018
Yeranosian, Toros Encino Business Owner (A)* 3/16/2018   4/24/2018
Grusd, Ronald Los Angeles Physician (A)* 3/16/2018   4/24/2018
Altamirano, Joseph R Newport Beach Physician (A)* 4/3/2018   5/25/2018
Ayodele, Emmanuel Rolling Hills Physician (A)* 4/3/2018   5/25/2018
Baliton, Aniceto Diamond Bar Business Owner (A)* 4/3/2018   5/25/2018
Domingo, Nestor La Verne Business Owner (A)* 4/3/2018   5/25/2018
Agbu, Obiageli Carson Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* 4/13/2018   5/25/2018
Fisher, Theresa Adelanto Physician (A)* 4/13/2018   5/25/2018
Gambaryan, Hakop San Pedro Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* 4/13/2018   5/25/2018
Shatvoryan, Anahit Aliceville, AL Medical Clinic Operator (A)* 4/13/2018   5/25/2018
Simitian, Hovik Leavenwork, KS Medical Clinic Operator (A)* 4/13/2018   5/25/2018
Smith, L'Tanya Fort Worth, TX Physician Assistant (A)* 4/13/2018   5/25/2018
Nguyen, Vi Placentia Physician (A)* 4/13/2018   5/25/2018
Loutseiko, Oxana Granada Hills Business Person (A)* 4/16/2018   5/25/2018
Dumas, Frederick Mendocino Physician (C) 4/16/2018   5/25/2018
Fishman, Bruce Encino Physician (A)* 4/19/2018 Appealed  
Lat, Elaine Dublin Home Health Care Company Operator (A)* 4/19/2018 5/25/2018
Couch, John Mobile, AL Physician (C) 4/20/2018   5/25/2018
Kloss, Herbert Mercer Island, WA Physician (C) 4/20/2018   5/25/2018
Murnane, Thomas Delmar, NY Physician (C) 4/20/2018   5/25/2018
Vardumyan, Knarik Phoenix, AZ Medical Clinic Owner (A)* 4/20/2018   5/25/2018
Lat, Errol La Verne Home Health Care Company Owner (A)* 4/27/2018   6/26/2018
Lat, Thelma La Verne Home Health Care Company Owner (A)* 4/27/2018   6/26/2018
Nikhakth, Nick Sherman Oaks Medical Diagnostic Company Owner (A)* 4/27/2018   6/26/2018
Basco, Michael Washington, DC Physician (C) 5/18/2018   6/26/2018
Chen, James Palmdale Pharmacy Owner (A)* and (B) 5/18/2018   6/26/2018
Davis, Rodney San Diego Physician Assistant (C) 5/18/2018   6/26/2018
Garba, Abdul Van Nuys Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* and (B) 5/18/2018   6/26/2018
Harris, Taliaferro Pine Bluff, AR Medical Clinic Operator (A)* 5/18/2018   6/26/2018
Lomeli, Luis Ontario Physician (C) 5/18/2018   6/26/2018
Mallari, Irineo Morgan Hill Registered Nurse (C) 5/18/2018   6/26/2018
Valdes, Fernando Garden Grove Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* 5/18/2018   6/26/2018
Becker Jr., Frederick Luther San Francisco Physician (C) 6/22/2018   7/25/2018
Botill, Lester Atwater Pharmacist (C) 6/22/2018   7/25/2018
Dang, Nighi Van Friant Pharmacist (C) 6/22/2018   7/25/2018
Dolezal, Peter Franz Reseda Pharmacist (C) 6/22/2018   7/25/2018
Gomez, David Long Beach Medical Clinic Owner (A)* 6/22/2018   7/25/2018
Kapri, Alex Sheridan, OR Ambulance Company Owner (A)* and (B) 6/22/2018   7/25/2018
Kingsbury, Wesley Harlan Bloomington Business Manager (A)* and (B) 6/22/2018   7/25/2018
Mumjian, Sergey Alekseyevich Los Angeles Business Manager (A)* and (B) 6/22/2018   7/25/2018
Saw, Eng Chuan Castro Valley Physician (C) 6/22/2018   7/25/2018
Tucker, Amanda D. Wailuku, HI Physician (C) 6/22/2018   7/25/2018
Vu, Hoang Mai Thi San Jose Nurse (C) 6/22/2018 Appealed  
Walker, Toni Gayle Inglewood Pharmacist (C) 6/22/2018   7/25/2018
Yousseff, Nagi M Pasadena Pharmacy Technician (C) 6/22/2018   7/25/2018
Smith, Robert S. San Diego Physician (C) 6/26/2018    
Afolabi, Akinola Long Beach Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* and (B) 7/20/2018    
Aghedo, Clement Fontana Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* and (B) 7/20/2018    
Kim, Sunyup Atwater Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* 7/20/2018    
Okeke, Eucharia Carson Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* and (B) 7/20/2018    
Powers, Thomas Santa Ana Physician (A)* 7/20/2018    
Ricketts, Geoffrey Adelanto Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* 7/20/2018    
Ricketts, Marla Van Nuys Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* and (B) 7/20/2018    
Setterfield, Karen Ventura Registered Nurse (C) 7/20/2018    
South, Jennifer Tempe, AZ Registered Nurse (C) 7/20/2018    
Thomas, Jennifer Lincoln Registered Nurse (C) 7/20/2018 Appealed  
Walter-Eze, Sylvia Aliceville, AL Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* and (B) 7/20/2018    
Aslam, Sheba Placentia Respiratory Care (C) 7/27/2018    
Bogomolny, Valery Sheridan, OR Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* and (B) 7/27/2018    
Chang, Sookyang Los Angeles Psychologist (C) 7/27/2018    
Denis, Mary Exeter Vocational Nurse (C) 7/27/2018    
Javaherian, Rouzbeh Los Angeles Pharmacy Owner (A)*, (B) and (C) 7/27/2018    
Legaspi, Eddieson Lomita Respiratory Care (A)* and (C) 7/27/2018    
Ling, Jason San Diego Osteopath (A)*, (B) and (C) 7/27/2018    
Min, Jason Florence, CO Medical Clinic Operator (A)* 7/27/2018    
Modi, Jasvant Los Angeles Physician (C) 7/27/2018    
Morrow, David Beverly Hills Physician (A)*, (B) and (C) 7/27/2018    
Oh, Gaby Garden Grove Respiratory Care (C) 7/27/2018 Appealed  
Sharim, Farhad Taft Pharmacy Owner (A)* and (B) 7/27/2018    
Tahmasian, Vahe San Diego Durable Medical Equipment Provider (A)* and (B) 7/27/2018    
Towers, Brenda Bowers Vocational Nurse (C) 7/27/2018    
Wallace, Sharetta Gardena Business Manager (A)* and (B) 7/27/2018    
Zverev, Emilia Van Nuys Business Manager (A)* and (B) 7/27/2018    
Calaustro, Edna Daly City Physician (A)*, (B) and (C) 8/10/2018    
Estrella, Judith Los Angeles Business Person (A)* and (B) 8/10/2018    
Guzman, Wilmer Northridge Business Person (A)* and (B) 8/10/2018    
James, Richard Caliente Registered Nurse (A)*, (B) and (C) 8/10/2018    
Kwon, Ohnun Taft Chiropractor (A)*, (B) and (C) 8/10/2018    
Newkirk, Debra Yucca Valley Vocational Nurse (C) 8/10/2018    
Rees, Brenda Moreno Valley Clinical Social Worker (A)*, (B) and (C) 8/10/2018    


Labor Code §139.21(a) suspends providers from the system if they:

A. Are convicted of a crime* that involves:

    • fraud or abuse of the Medi-Cal or Medicare program, workers’ compensation system, or any patient;
    • the individual’s medical practice as it pertains to patient care;
    • a financial crime relating to Medi-Cal, Medicare, or the workers’ compensation system;
    • the qualifications, functions, or duties of a provider of services.*

B. Suspension due to fraud or abuse from the federal Medicare or Medicaid programs.
C. Surrender or revocation of the individual’s license, certificate, or approval to provide health care.

*Providers suspended under (A) are also subject to consolidation and dismissal of all pending lien claims. Lien consolidation hearings are posted online.

Providers on the list were issued suspension notices or suspension orders per Labor Code section 139.21(a). The suspension takes effect 30 calendar days after the notice is issued, unless it is appealed.

A suspension means that providers are unable to provide or obtain payment for any treatment, evaluation, or other service related to a workers’ compensation claim.



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