Procedures for Obtaining an Entertainment Work Permit for Minors

There are two types of Entertainment Work Permits available for minors.

  • First time registrant’s may request the 10-day permit for a $50.00 fee.
  • Long-term registrant’s may renew every 6-months free of charge.

Six-Month Entertainment Work Permit Registration

Steps to register:

Six-Month Entertainment Work Permit

The entertainment work permit must be renewed every six months until a minor reaches 18 years of age. The minor’s parent or guardian must register for the permit and submit supporting documents described above. This permit can be applied for on-line, by mail or in person at any of the Labor Commissioner’s Office locations.

10-Day Temporary Entertainment Work Permit

This is a one-time temporary permit for new applicants only, which is issued immediately following completion of the online application and payment of a fee. Social Security Numbers (SSN) are not required.
Documents required:

  • Minors aged 15 days through 15 years old may apply without the birth certificate or school approval normally required for a 6 Month Entertainment Work Permit.
  • 10-day Temporary Entertainment Work Permits cannot be issued immediately for minors between 15 days and one month old, due to the medical certification required per California Labor Code Section 1308.8. Following receipt and verification of the medical certification, the parent or guardian will receive an e-mail within one business day that the 10-day Temporary Entertainment Work Permit has been approved and is ready for printing.
    • Minors aged 15-days to one month must submit a Medical Certification by a physician who is board certified in Pediatrics as required by Labor Code §1308.8. Written certification from a licensed physician board-certified in pediatrics, must attesting that the infant is at least 15 days old, was carried to full term, was of normal birth weight, and is physically capable of handling the stress of filmmaking; and that the infant's lungs, eyes, heart and immune systems are sufficiently developed.
  • Minors aged 16 and 17 years old are not eligible for the 10-day permit. You must apply for the 6-month permit.

September 2019