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temporary disability (TD) or temporary total disability (TTD)
A wage replacement benefit paid when your physician reports you cannot work because of an industrial injury or illness.

temporary partial disability (TPD)
A wage replacement benefit that may be paid when you return to work but at less than full earnings. Sometimes referred to as wage loss.

time-weighted average
The average amount of a substance or condition (such as noise) you can be exposed to over an eight-hour day.

Toeboards are provided on all open sides and ends of railed scaffolds at locations where people work or pass under the scaffold and at all interior floor, roof and shaft openings. A standard toeboard is four inches minimum from its top edge to the level of the floor, platform, runway or ramp and must be securely fastened in place. It may be made of any substantial material, either solid, or with openings not over one inch in greatest dimension.

toolbox or tailgate safety meetings
Toolbox or tailgate safety meetings are 10-15 minute on-the-job meetings held to keep employees alert to work-related accidents and illnesses.

toxic agents/toxic substances
Any chemical substance, biological agent (bacteria, virus, fungus, etc.), or physical stress (noise, heat, cold, vibration, repetitive motion) which is regulated by any California or federal law or rule due to a hazard to health, is listed in the latest printed edition of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances (RTECS) or has shown evidence of an acute or chronic health hazard in human, animal or other biological testing known to the employer.

transportation expenses
A benefit to cover your out-of-pocket expenses for mileage, parking, and toll fees related to a claim, usually a reimbursement.