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bid advertisement date
The date the first notice inviting bids was published in a newspaper of general circulation or distributed in a legally sufficient manner which results in a contract being awarded with or without competitive bidding.

biohazard symbol

bloodborne pathogens
Disease-causing microorganisms present in human blood. These pathogens include, but are not limited to, hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Money promised to an employee in addition to the monthly salary, hourly wage, commission or piece rate usually due as compensation. Bonuses are in addition to any other wage rate and may be predicated on performance over and above that which is paid for hours worked, pieces made, or sales completed. A bonus may be in the form of a gratuity where there is no promise for their payment, for example, a holiday bonus at the end of the year. Additionally, a bonus may be a contractually required payment where a promise is made that a bonus will be paid in return for a specific result, such as exceeding a minimum sales figure or piece quota, or as an inducement to remain in the employ of the employer for a certain period of time.

built into
In regard to engineered sharps injury protection (ESIP), built into means no assembly of the safety features of the device is required by the user and the safety features are integral to the design and function of the device.