Workers' compensation information system (WCIS)

Workers' Compensation Claims by Market-Share

First Reports of Injury (FROIs) submitted by Trading Partners to the Workers’ Compensation Information System (WCIS) captures the insurer type. The market-share report below categorizes each FROI into one of three categories markets (Insured, Self-Insured, or State of California).

The definition of FROIs for each market is as follows:

Insured: Insured FROIs are claims on workers’ compensation insurance purchased from private carriers and/or, the State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF), which is a non-profit government enterprise.

Self-Insured: Self-Insured FROIs are claims by Public and private entities who choose to be self-insured. Self-Insured programs must be certified by the Office of Self Insurance Plans (SIP) in the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR).

State of California: The State of California FROIs are claims for what is referred to as the "legally uninsured" market as the state assumes the responsibility for workers’ compensation claims. This market is composed of various state agencies with SCIF serving as the claims administrator.

The numbers below reflect the WCIS database information as of the run date of the report.

Count of FROIs by Market-Share for Year of Injury 2016

Count of FROIs by Market-Share for Year of Injury 2013

Percentage of FROIs by Market-Share and Year of Injury 2001-2016

Count of FROIs by Market-Share for Year of Injury 2013

Annual Aggregate Market-Share Reports

2016 Annual Aggregate Market-Share Report



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