Answers to frequently asked questions about the Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS)

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Topics covered in this FAQ include:

The basics
EAMS training and resources

About the basics:

Q: What is EAMS?

A: EAMS is a computer-based system that simplified the DWC case management process to more efficiently resolve claims, improve the ability to schedule and manage court calendars, allow files to be shared between multiple users and transform paper files into secure electronic files, reducing the need for physical storage space at local DWC offices and the State Records Center.

Q: What does EAMS do?

A: EAMS enables external users who need to file forms and documents with the district offices and the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board Reconsideration Unit to file electronically by using eForms or JET File or manually through the use of scanner-ready paper OCR forms.

Q: Where can I find more information on EAMS?

A: The EAMS pages on the State of California Department of Industrial Relations website, contain a wealth of information and links to additional resources.

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About working in EAMS:

Q: How can I learn to use EAMS?

A: Information and training materials are available on the Working in EAMS page on the DWC website.

Q: How are cases created in EAMS?

A: Cases are created by filing eForms, JET filing (electronic methods) or using scanner-ready optical character recognition (OCR) paper forms.

Q: Is case information kept confidential?

A: Case information that is statutorily required to be kept confidential will be accessible only to authorized users in accordance with the law. (Applicants have access to all information about their case.) The workers' compensation court public information case search gives access to limited information that helps move cases through the workers' compensation court system efficiently.

Q: May an attorney file medical reports and other documents before an MSC, rather than bring them to the MSC?

A: No. The regulations require parties to file any AME, QME or PTP reports not previously filed with the DWC district office, which are relevant to the issue(s) raised on the DOR. No other documents may be filed with the DOR. The regulations require parties to bring and submit all relevant reports and documents at the time of the MSC should the issues not be resolved at the MSC and the case is to be set for trial. Non-relevant documents are not to be filed with the district office. When documents must be filed is dictated by various sections of the Labor Code and new regulations. Consult your legal experts for further legal advice.

Q: May a defense attorney representing an insurance carrier or TPA pull up their client's information and update (edit) it?

A: No. EAMS uses a "Uniform Assigned Name" (UAN) list for claims administrators, lien claimants, and law firms or non-attorney representatives. Changes to those entities' names or addresses must be handled through the DWC's Central Registration Unit (CRU). Whenever filling out any OCR form or eForm, parties must obtain and use the exact UAN of the claims administrator, lien claimant, and law firms or non-attorney representatives as shown on the UAN lookup list. Forms submitted with information different from that listed in the

UAN list will go into the Unprocessed Document Queue (UDQ) with other such documents needing correction. A DWC clerk or the UDQ Supervisor will then attempt to discern the intent of the filer and either correct simple errors or return the filing to the sender, both of which will delay processing of your filings.
Claims administrators, lien claimants, law firms or non-attorney representatives and others will need to develop internal systems for assuring accuracy in filing.

Q: Who can we contact for additional assistance?

A: Please contact the EAMS Help Desk by emailing or calling 1-888-771-3267, select option #4. The EAMS Help Desk hours are 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except on holidays. .

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About EAMS training and resources:

Q: What training for external users is available?

A: Information and training materials is available on the EAMS "Working in EAMS" page of the DWC website. Additional details regarding recommended e-filer settings can be found by clicking here.  

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