Improving Manual Material Handling

Carrying: 1. General tips

Redesign the container so it has handles, grips, or handholds.                                                    

Box with a handle

Hold the container close to the body.                                                                              

A guy carrying a container close to his body

Don't carry more than you can handle. To reduce the weight of the load, use a smaller container.

Large container with smaller boxes inside   A guy carrying a smaller container

Wear proper size gloves that fit. Gloves with rubber dots on the surface can increase grip stability on slippery surfaces.

Caution: Be aware that gloves can reduce your grip strength up to 60 percent depending on the material they are made of and how many pairs you wear at once.

Wearing gloves to pick up boxes   Wearing gloves to pick up sacks

Increase the size of the bucket or pail handle with padding or a clamp-on handle.

Grip on bucket handle   Grip on bucket handle

Get co-worker assistance when necessary. Discuss your plan so you don't have surprise movements.

2 people carrying a sack