Improving Manual Material Handling

Alternatives 3. Use Non-Powered Equipment

Use a drum dolly.

The drum must be set down into this dolly.   This drum dolly lifts and transports drums.

Use a cart or platform truck.

A hand cart can have multiple shelves for moving a variety of containers at one time   This six-wheel platform truck is easy to maneuver and will turn in its own length
This three-wheel cart transports but does not lift drums   Two-wheel carts work well for loads up to about 300 pounds

Use a portable scissors lift.

This scissors lift has a foot pump to raise or lower the platform so the containers can be slid on or off

Use a hand truck.

This specialty hand truck with brakes will allow more control when heavy loads are on inclines   Another type of hand truck converts to four wheels for moving unstable loads
Hand trucks can be fitted with trays to carry bottles - Two-wheel hand trucks work well for transporting bottles or cylinders over short distances   Some hand trucks are specially designed for transporting cylinders   This hand truck has an additional handle to provide better directional control
This hand truck fitted with retractable rear wheels converts into a flatbed cart

Use a conveyor, slide, or chute.

Design a conveyor system that delivers the container directly into position for loading   Use slides or chutes to do the work if containers are always moving in one direction   Use spiral conveyors or chutes where space is limited
Small containers and lightweight loads can be handled by gravity conveyors   Gravity-activated conveyors work well for short, downhill runs   A curved skate-wheel conveyor moves containers around corners. It is activated by gravity
Skate-wheel conveyors can be easily set up wherever needed and work well for light loads.   Floor-mounted roller conveyors can handle heavier pallet loads.   An expandable skate-wheel conveyor is portable and excellent where work needs to have a fl exible layout

Use a hand pallet truck.

Non-powered hand pallet trucks are useful for moving loads over short distances when low forces are required. For moving heavy loads requiring high forces over long distances it is advantageous to use powered pallet trucks.

When using hand pallet trucks, be sure the floor is smooth and free of debris   For unstable pallet loads, wrap straps around the load.  

Use a portable hoist or crane.

A portable hoist or cherry picker is manually operated. It is convenient for occasional spot-lifting of heavy loads   Portable gantry cranes are adjustable in height. They can be fitted with manual, electric, or pneumatic hoists for moving heavy loads over short distances