Lockout/Tagout for Employers etool

Other Requirements

Under certain specific conditions or when working on certain types of machines and equipment, lockout/tagout is not required. Instead, other requirements apply.

What is Required from T8CCR 3314?

Using alternative measures, e.g., extension tool to protect employee

  1. During Cleaning, Servicing, Adjusting, Repair Work and Setting-Up Operations If You Are:
    • Making Minor Tool Changes and Adjustments, and Other Minor Servicing Activities:
      • That take place during normal production operations and,
      • Are routine, repetitive and integral to the use of equipment or machinery for production and,
      • Using alternative measures to provide effective protection
    • Using Cord and Plug Connected Electrical Equipment:
      • Which can be unplugged from the energy source and
      • The plug is under the exclusive control of the employee performing the work.
  2. When Working With Repetitive Process Machines
    • On repetitive process machines, such as numerical control machines, which require power or current continuance to maintain indexing and where repair, adjustment, testing, or setting-up operations cannot be accomplished with the prime mover or hazardous energy source disconnected, such operations may be performed under the following conditions:
      1. The operating station where the machine may be activated must at all times be under the control of a qualified operator or craftsman.
      2. All participants must be in clear view of the operator or in positive communication with each other.
      3. All participants must be beyond the reach of machine elements which may move rapidly and present a hazard to them.
      4. Where machine configuration or size requires that the operator leave his control station to install tools, and where machine elements exist which may move rapidly if activated, such elements must be separately locked out by positive means.
      5. During repair procedures where mechanical components are being adjusted or replaced, the machine shall be de-energized or disconnected from its power source.


  1. No accidents prevention signs or tags are required if there is a uniform system with unique and personally identifiable locks designed for lockout, that are placed on the source of energy
  2. "Participant" shall mean any other person(s) engaged in the repair, adjustment, testing, or setting up operation in addition to the qualified operator or craftsman having control of the machine operating station.