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Periodic Inspections

What is Required from T8CCR 3314?

There must be a periodic inspection of the energy control procedure(s) at least once a year to evaluate their continued effectiveness and determine the necessity for updating the written procedure(s).

  1. The periodic inspection must be performed by an Authorized Employee or person other than the one(s) utilizing the hazardous energy control procedures being inspected.
  2. Where lockout and/or tagout is used for hazardous energy control, the periodic inspection must include a review between the inspector and Authorized Employees of their responsibilities under the hazardous energy control procedure being inspected.
  3. The employer must certify that the periodic inspections have been performed. The certification shall:
    • Identify the machine or equipment on which the hazardous energy control procedure was being utilized,
    • The date of the inspection,
    • The employees included in the inspection, and
    • The person performing the inspection.
People inspecting equipment

Best Practices - Conducting Periodic Inspections

Periodic inspections help to ensure that your Hazardous Energy Control Procedures (HECPs) are up-to-date, effective, and are being used properly. These inspections should also let you know if your employees are familiar with their responsibilities and how to fix any inadequacies in your procedures and work practices. The results of the inspections can help you target your training for employees.

Periodic inspections should include a review of all your specific energy control procedure with all Authorized and/or Affected Employees who are involved in lockout/tag out. Make sure and update your written HECPs when changes are made.