Elevator Certification

The Certification Section of the Elevator Unit will continually uphold the mission of the Elevator Unit, by proper certification methods, verifications of necessary documentation and requirement enforcement for the entire elevator industry workforce, which ensures both public and workforce safety. We adhere to all applicable Codes and Regulations to ensure safety comes first.

The Elevator Unit's Certification Section is responsible for the following:

  • Certifies the competency of limited and general elevator mechanics, temporary mechanics, emergency mechanics, elevator companies, and elevator inspectors.
  • Reviews applications for each classification and verifies that applicants meet the requirements specified in the California Labor Code.
  • Upon meeting these requirements, applicants are issued a certificate, an identification card, or both, depending on the type of application.
  • Processes all application fees and forwards them to the Accounting Department.

For more information visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, the Fee Schedule page, or email the Certification Section at ElevatorCert@dir.ca.gov.

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How to Apply for Certification

Requirements for Certification

Click one of the links below for requirements to become a Certified Competent Conveyance (Elevator) Mechanic (CCCM), Certified Qualified Conveyance Company (CQCC), Certified Competent Conveyance Inspector (CCCI), or a Temporary Certified Competent Conveyance Mechanic (TCCCM).

Approved Continuing Education Providers

• Arrow Lift Tech Ed:
(Limited Certification subject matter)
(818) 839-8892
• BART Elevator Escalator Program: (510) 464-6296
• Bell Elevator Inspection Services: (916) 825-1655
• Buckman Elevator Consulting Srvcs.: (916) 417-6226
• Capitol Elevator: (916) 383-8728
• Certified Training Conveyance Corp: (818) 389-5421
• Hankin Specialty Elevator Inc.:
(Limited Certification Subject Matter)
(916) 381-2400
• James Meyer Consulting: (209) 267-0950
• McKinley Elevator Continuing Education (“A guide to today’s California accessibility codes”)
(Limited Certification Subject Matter)
(949) 261-9244
• National Elevator Industry Educational Program Continuing Education:
  • Local contacts:
    - Dale Birdwell  (Los Angeles area) (626) 798-0070
    - Joel Roberts  (San Francisco area) (415) 539-2212
(410) 312-1474
• Pace:  

Application Forms

For a complete list of elevator forms, visit the Elevator Forms Page.

Please return all Certification related forms and fees directly to our office:

State of California
Department of Industrial Relations
Elevator Unit, Certification Section
1750 Howe Avenue, Suite 420
Sacramento, CA 95825

January 2023