Elevator Permits

No elevator shall be operated without a valid, current permit issued by the Division. The permit, or a copy thereof, to operate a passenger elevator, freight elevator or incline elevator shall be posted conspicuously and securely in the elevator car. For other devices, the permit shall be available on the premises. CCR Title 8 §3001 (c)

Copies of Permits

Copies of permits are available from the district office for a replacement fee of $15.

Two-Year Permits

Generally permits are issued for a period of one year. Two-year permits are available only under the following conditions:

  1. If the Division's investigation and inspection indicate the elevator is in a safe condition and will be covered during the entire term of the permit by a full maintenance contract with an elevator service company possessing a C-11 license issued by the California Contractors' State License Board, the Division may issue a permit for a period not exceeding two years.
  2. Within 60 days of notification by the Division that an elevator may qualify for a two-year permit, the elevator service company shall submit to the Division the following information:
    1. A copy of the elevator service company's C-11 license issued by the California Contractors' State License Board;
    2. A copy of the full maintenance service contract.
  3. A full maintenance service contract shall:
    1. Specify the responsibilities of the elevator service company in regard to all repairs and maintenance that may be necessary to keep the elevator in compliance with the Elevator Safety Orders, Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations; and
    2. Require the elevator service company to service the elevator as frequently as necessary to effect safe operation but not less often than monthly.
  4. The elevator service company shall notify the Division within 30 days if a full maintenance service contract is terminated or altered during the period the two-year permit is in effect.

To apply for a two-year permit:

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