Talent Agency License and Fee-Related Talent Services

Who Needs a License?

Any person or entity involved in arranging employment for an artist in the entertainment field must get a license to operate as a talent agency.

  • Search databases for licensed Talent Agencies and Talent Agencies Complaint Decisions

Registration Application

Steps to Register:

  •  Review the Talent Agency requirements.
  •  Gather the required documents.
  •  Complete the new application or renew your existing registration online or by mail.


Every talent agency must pay the following fees annually, when a license is issued or renewed. The fees are due with the submitted application:

  • A license fee of $225 and a filing fee of $25 for a total of $250 for single location businesses.
  • AND add $50 for each branch office maintained by the talent agency in California.


The requirements, including the application form, documentation and fees, are the same for renewals as for new applications.

Fee-Related Talent Services

A talent service means a “talent counseling service, a talent listing service, or a talent training service.” (Labor Code § 1701(i).) Please click here to read more about fee-related talent services and changes to the law which prohibit advanced-fee talent representation services pursuant to Labor Code section 1702.

Every contract and agreement between an artist and a talent service must be in writing. Additional requirements apply, which include a talent service's obligation to file a bond or deposit in lieu of the bond with the Labor Commissioner’s Office.


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