DLSE forms - Child Labor

The forms on this server are replicas of the official DLSE forms. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print the forms. To obtain a form by mail, contact your local Labor Commissioner's office.


  • Application for Extension of Minor's Work Hours in Agricultural Packing Plants (acrobat small logoPdf) (DLSE 104-1) (rev 1/02)
  • Application for Permission to Employ Minors in the Entertainment Industry
    • English (acrobat small logoPdf) (DLSE 281) (Rev.07/2001)
    • Spanish (acrobat small logoPdf) (DLSE 281) (Rev.07/2001)
    • Chinese (acrobat small logoPdf) (DLSE 281) (Rev.07/2001)
    • Korean (acrobat small logoPdf) (DLSE 281) (Rev.07/2001)
    • Vietnamese (acrobat small logoPdf) (DLSE 281) (Rev.07/2001)
    • Tagalog (acrobat small logoPdf) (DLSE 281) (Rev.07/2001)

  • Application for Permission to Work in the Entertainment Industry
    • English (acrobat small logoPdf) (DLSE 277) (Rev. 12/2008)
    • Spanish (acrobat small logoPdf) (DLSE 277) (Rev. 12/2008)
    • Chinese (acrobat small logoPdf) (DLSE 277) (Rev. 12/2008)
    • Korean (acrobat small logoPdf) (DLSE 277) (Rev. 12/2008)
    • Vietnamese (acrobat small logoPdf) (DLSE 277) (Rev. 12/2008)
    • Tagalog (acrobat small logoPdf) (DLSE 277) (Rev. 12/2008)

  • Procedures for obtaining an entertainment work permit (acrobat small logoPdf) (Rev. 03/27/2012)
Publications (related forms are listed separately above)
  • Child Labor Law Pamphlet 2000 (acrobat small logoPdf)
  • Summary tables of requirements and restrictions arranged by age and summary of penalties (acrobat small logoPdf)
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Note: Additional forms and publications may be added in the future.