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Data is current as of 11/30/2021

Trade or occupation: Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Fitter
Program length: 60 months
Starting wage: $24.28 or 40% of JM
Minimum age: 18
Education prerequisites: High School/Ged/Equivalent
Additional prerequisites: Transcript showing 2 semesters of Math with grades of "C" or better.
Physical requirements: No
Exams: Written Test: Yes    Oral Exam: Yes
Additional requirements: Ability to perform the physical requirements. Must pass math entrance test and oral exam by 70%.
Contact information: J. A. & T. C. , Plumbing, Pipe Fitting & Refrigeration Industry Of San Mateo
1519 Rollins Road  
Burlingame, CA  94010
Contact person: Robert G. Kay, Director Of Training
Contact phone / e-mail: (650) 692-0442
Applications taken: Specified Intervals
List Type: Seek Hiring Employer
Veteran Benefits Approved: Yes
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