Pre-Apprenticeship Program Registration

To apply as a registered preapprenticeship program in the State of California, please email

California Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) registered Pre-apprenticeship programs prepare individuals to enter and succeed in DAS Registered Apprenticeship programs. A DAS registered Pre-Apprentice program must be formally associated with at least one DAS Registered Apprenticeship program sponsor.  Together, they expand the participant's career pathway opportunities with industry-based training coupled with classroom instruction.

Pre-Apprenticeship Program registration applications are completed entirely online. The first step to develop a DAS registered Pre-Apprenticeship program is to send an e-mail inquiry expressing your interest in developing a new pre-apprenticeship program to the pre-apprentice e-mail listed on the DAS website at

DAS shall forward the pre-apprentice application forms and instructions on how to submit the application and all supporting documentation. Approved DAS registered Pre-apprentice programs require registration in the DAS online registration system.

October 2020