Barber Apprentice Chrissy B is a Model of Success

Chrissy Banks
Mercedes Hong
Director, The Spot Apprentice Academy
Chrissy Banks
Barber and Owner, Chrissy B Cuttn, LLC

John and Mercedes Hong, directors of Fontana-based The Spot Apprentice Academy, dreamed of helping individuals turn their passion for barbering and cosmetology into reality. That reality came true with the help of Oscar Meier, Los Angeles Unified School District Apprenticeship Advisor, and the late DAS Consultant Paul Marshall. Since the academy opened in 2016, The Spot has been able to direct students to success by adding life and entrepreneurship skills to their lessons. Apprentices know they can go as far as they can dream, and Chrissy Banks is a great example.

Born and raised in the Inland Empire, Chrissy Banks began honing her barbering skills at a young age by doing hair for family and friends. In high school, she realized it was her passion. Chrissy joined The Spot Apprentice Academy and received her apprentice license in June 2018. Working with her trainer, she perfected her skills as a barber.

Since receiving her barber’s license from the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology in September 2020, Chrissy has worked continually to hone and develop her craft as a barber and hair unit specialist. She has worked on movie and video sets, magazine shoots and worked with many A-list celebrities.

She is the owner and operator of Chrissy B Cuttn, LLC in Los Angeles, specializing in men’s hair replacement units and grooming. Along with running her business, Chrissy teaches and mentors future barbers and hair unit specialists.

To find out more information about The Spot Apprentice Academy visit: or follow us on Instagram @TSAA_Apprenticeship

To find out more information about Chrissy Banks visit her website at: or follow her on Instagram @Chrissybcuttn

February 2022