How to Become an Approved Training Provider

To become an approved training provider, you must get your proposed refinery safety training curriculum approved by DAS:

  1. Download and complete the Refinery Safety Training approval matrix.
  2. Send the completed approval matrix (in Excel) and your complete proposed curriculum (in Word), to
    • DAS will review the matrix and the proposed curriculum and notify you of its approval or disapproval.
    • If DAS approves of the curriculum, you will receive information on how to submit certification for workers after they complete the training.

DAS approval of your training curriculum is not a guarantee that it will be acceptable to the refinery facility where your trained workers are or will be employed. Some refineries may want to review your curriculum before the staff that you trained are allowed to work on their site.

Essential Elements of a Refinery Safety Curriculum (20 hours)

20 - Hour Advanced Safety Training for Workers Employed by Contractors in High Hazard Facilities - Summary Sheet to Curriculum

Important note: For full details on requirements for the curriculum, please see the Refinery Safety Training approval matrix

  • Refinery Safety Overview (8 hours)
    • Overview/awareness of Personal Requirements for Refineries
    • Hazard Communication Emergency Action Plan Awareness
    • Toxicology
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for working in a refinery
    • Respiratory Protection
    • Hearing Conservation
    • Energy Control (Lockout/Tag-out)
    • Confined Space
    • Prevention of Heat Stress
    • Refinery Safe Work Practices
    • Refinery Process Overview
  • Basic Principles of Petroleum Refining (4 hours)
    • History: Oil Patch to Refinery
    • Crude Oil and Its Properties
    • Refinery Processes and Refinery Configurations                              
    • Properties of the Refinery-Produced Streams                             
    • Refinery Culture
    • Refinery Hazards and Emergency Response Procedures
  • Craft-Specific Safety Training (8 hours)
    • This training is on hazards specific to the industry of the worker.

Please note that the curriculum must add up to a minimum of 20 hours. In other words, the course may  exceed 20 hours in length.


September 2018