FLC Exams and Continuing Education

Farm labor contractors (FLC) are required to take California’s farm labor contractor exam every two years. An FLC who has violated any law related to farm labor contracting must take the exam the year after the violation or at the request of the Labor Commissioner.

A copy of a valid driver’s license or other legal photo identification is required for each person taking the exam.

** If you need to retake the FLC exam before the expiration of an existing license, the application will not be approved even if you apply during the two-year period in which the exam is valid. **

If you fail the exam three times within a year, the application will be denied.

Where Can I Take the Exam?

Exams are conducted my appointment, our office will reach out to you to schedule your appointment once you have submitted your complete your farm labor contractor application.

Study Materials

After your exam has been scheduled, you can prepare for it using the materials below:

Continuing Education

You must take at least nine hours of relevant education classes for each license period.

Information regarding the farm labor contractor continuing education requirements

Approved continuing education programs:


December 2023