WestCal Academy Offers a Unique Opportunity for Career Exploration

Sterlina Cerritos
Public Relations Director, WestCal Academy

Sterlina Cerritos
Krystal Camacho (left) participating in a Medical Assisting Lab during the WestCal Pre-Apprenticeship Program.
The WestCal Pre-Apprenticeship Program is a 16-week / 96-hour program, funded through a collaboration of public agencies, and is designed for anyone who wants to explore different apprenticeship opportunities and transition to a registered California apprenticeship of their choice.

Based in Southern California, WestCal Academy offers a unique sampling of apprenticeship opportunities, including traditional apprenticeships in building and construction trades and dental assisting, as well as non-traditional apprenticeships in program management and computer information systems. The program is free for students, and through what is known as ‘The Buffet,’ they can gain hands-on experience in different vocational fields.

As an expert in workforce development and apprenticeships, Division of Apprenticeship Standards Chief Eric Rood commends WestCal Academy, stating that "The program develops pre-apprentices to obtain skills and knowledge necessary to become successful apprentices."

One success story is that of Krystal Camacho, a 20-year-old individual who found her path through the WestCal Academy program. Introduced to the program by Founding President, John Paul Tabakian, Ed.D., Ms. Camacho is now working as an actress in commercials and television shows while aspiring to pursue a career in non-profit business management. She is also employed as a teaching assistant at various training locations.

According to Ms. Camacho, "The WestCal Career Pathway Program has helped me explore a variety of different career pathways. This allowed me to gain insight on particular careers and build professional relationships. The WestCal team has really looked out for me and provided me with many opportunities throughout the years. Thank you Dr. Tabakian!"

Whether you're a high school student seeking early career training or an adult looking to switch careers, the WestCal Career Pathway Program can help you explore and secure a lucrative career in your field of choice.

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March 2023